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NVMUG September 16, 2017 Meeting Report

Northern Vermont Macintosh Users Group

Minutes from the NVMUG Meeting ~ September 16, 2017

First the minutes from Hartley, as I was late in getting to the meeting. I altered them for spelling and added a few more attendees.

We had a very good meeting with about 11 members. Including:

Gordon Alexander, a U.S. citizen who is now living in Canada, Gordon is a photographer and writer for a newspaper.

Daniel Hollister, who works at Small Dog and told us about the advantages of having Apple Care.

Stephen Farber, who helps people with computer problems

Midge Lubot, NVMUG president,

Bill German and his wife Sonia

Warren Walker, a photographer who creates beautiful wild flower calendars

Kathy Fisk

Joan Hickey

Geof Gonter, who cares for computers in schools, answers questions, presents programs at NVMUG meetings, and keeps NVMUG going,

Hartley Jackson, who is late writing these meeting notes.

During the meeting someone took a panoramic photo with an iPad or iPhone. I did not get notes so Gordon showed me how to do it. Tap on the camera app to bring it up. Slide left on the bottom of the screen to bring up Pano. Hold the iPad , iPod, or iPhone vertically. It will tell you to hold the button down and move your iPad or iPhone while taking the photo.

Someone asked when our next NVMUG meeting would be. Geof maintains our web page NVMUG.com, which Hartley Jackson created when he was years younger. It shows our scheduled meeting dates at:

NVRH room 228 at 10 a.m.

Saturday October 21, 2017


Saturday November 18, 2017

Kelly Gonter has created our new NVMUG Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/477957755742285/) which also contains our meeting schedule and which we all can use. Geof invites you to use Facebook to communicate with NVMUG.

There was more. Keys sticking? Daniel suggests to “Call Apple.” He also recommends the series 3 (https://www.apple.com/apple-watch-series-3/) for $400 Plus $10 a month Apple Watch.

Par Forest sent us a thank you card for last month’s contribution to NVRH.

Samsung is one solid state hard drive fits inside an Apple laptop, in the older models.

Notes from our NVMUG meeting can never cover it all.

Come to the NVMUG meeting to learn more, and meet mighty fine people.

Additional Notes:

Kathy Filkins -

Had questions about her older computer. It was recommended that she purchase additional RAM and a solid state drive to speed up and extend the computer’s life.

Had an iPad Pro and can not seem to get her pen to work with the iPad. Daniel enabled it on the computer and matched it to her iPad. But, they could not get the pen to function properly. Daniel suggested she call Apple Support as the iPad and pen are new and she has free support from them.

Joan Hickey -

Still having issues with her monitor. Daniel recommends she call Apple Support, even though the computer is off of warranty

Also has a banking application that has asked for certain fonts to be installed. This from an Apple Knowledge Base release: From Apple: This is not a virus or malware. It is a result of the Sierra upgrade. Here is the solution: “Go to the search window and type "font book", and select the font book application. You can also find it under "Applications" in a finder window. Once your in the font book, select "all fonts" in the upper left of the window. Look at all of the fonts on the list that are grayed out. If they have "off" next to them, right click (two finger click) and select "enable font". If "off" does not appear next to the font name, right click (two finger click) and select "download font". This should solve the problem.”

Gordon Alexander -

Had a question about the ability to use iPhoto with High Sierra (10.13). It was suggested that he go to Roaring Apps (https://roaringapps.com/apps) to see if anyone has reported on the issues or compatibility with the new operating system (He later reported that he had updated to High Sierra and had found no issues with iPhoto (which he prefers over Photos which Apple introduced in Yosemite (10.11).

Again, the next NVMUG meeting is on October 21 at 10:00 am in the Northeast Regional Hospital in room 224. Should have some discussion on the new Apple items announced since the last meting. Hope to see you there.

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