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NVMUG September 2014 Meeting Report

Northern Vermont Macintosh Users Group
Saturday, September 20, 2014
Meeting room 224, Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital
St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Bruce Shields, Warren Walker, Russell Carlson, Hartley Jackson, Midge Lubot, Joan Klappert, Gordon Alexander, and Bill German attended the meeting.

Midge Lubot took notes at the meeting for this report. Your editor Hartley Jackson also took some notes, then accidentally deleted most of them. He blames arthritis in his hand. The information has been organized and so it is not presented in the order that it occurred.

Bruce Shields has an iMac which will not upgrade to Mountain Lion. He is thinking about a new iMac. He has a very large Genealogy program. He clicks and it takes him to the archives, and he can’t save anything there.

Someone said that 20% of the hard drive should be available.

Spring cleaning can be tricky. Bruce hasn’t used Spring Cleaning for awhile. It was removing transient files. Features that removed duplicate files are usually very good.

Someone said do not put anything on iCloud that you would not like to see published. But even a cell phone is not secure. Yet government is pushing the iCloud caiming the Apple and Google encryption is too good.

Bill German buys, sells and collects computers, and has a lot of them. He brought a flyer, “Flea at MIT,” about a market for computers, electronics and ham radio sponsored by four Harvard and MIT clubs. It is on the third Sunday, April thru October at Albany and MainStreets, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their last open market for this year will be on October October 16. Bill may be there buying and selling. For parking information and a map, see their web site http://swapfest.us. Bill has 40-50,000 sets of CDs with operating systems for many computers. You might want to check with Bill if you are interested in buying or selling a used computer or parts. His email is cae@ncia.net















Hartley Jackson taking notes while Bill German is talking.
Photo by Gordon Alexander

Joan Klappert is a new member who lives in the woods somewhere near Danville. She has no electricity except for two solar panels. She said she just had basic questions. She would like someone to show her how to do things either using the board or on her computer She liked Geof’s presentation using the board at the last meeting, She has a router that creates a hot spot, and a straight talk phone that does not allow tethering.

Warren helped Joan on her laptop with some of her questions during part of the meeting.













Joan Klaappert watching Warren Walker show her something with
Russell Carlson watching. Photo by Gordon Alexander

Russell has a new computer, a late 2011, 13 inch MacBook Pro that he got on eBay. He said on the old laptops you drain the battery down, and then recharged it. Now with the new ones you don’t have to do that.

Some one said the iPhone has an app that takes 360 degree pictures - a very long exposure! This virtual reality app takes a picture of the entire area.

Warren said there is a camera with an infinite depth of field. It creates a very large image file that has several images in it. The Pentax K3 camera has an included WiFi card which creates a network and creates a web address. He can access that through Safari.

Gordon Alexander is a journalist photographer. He bought iPad Mini and a black cover which he brought to the meeting. He used it to take photos instead of his professional reflex camera. Notice how a professional braces his iPad Mini on the table to steady it .












Gordon Alexander taking a Photograph
Photo by Hartley Jackson at ISO 800

Gordon had a question about WiFi. I showed him how to connect his iPad Mini at NVRH. He asked about passwords. I explained that some places like NVRH have a public WiFi that does not require passwords, and some require passwords to limit their WiFi use. If your computer, iPhone, or iPad asks for a password, ask the owner where you are what the password is. Gordon emailed me these photos while we were at the meeting..

Warren creates a new calendar every year with amazing beautiful photos of wildflowers and water falls. He brought some photos to the meeting, but during the meeting he was busy listening to others and helping Joan with her compute questions.












Joan Klappert and Warren Walker with his photos on the table.
Photo by Hartley Jackson.

Near the end of the meeting, we ask Warren if he would show us show his photo, and he did. This year Warren has added some bugs and some butterflies to his photos. They are so sharp and beautiful you just have to see them. He would have brought more photos but he is having trouble with his computer. If we are lucky he will bring this years calendars to a meeting before Xmas.

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