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NVMUG September, 2013 Meeting eNews





Midge Lubot,

Our President






Midge Lubot arrived on time for the meeting.

I was 15 minutes late. I described what you had sent us in response to my email questions. Geof and Kelly Gonter arrived next and we reviewed what we had discussed and we were recommending. Here is what you had sent us.

Three people responded that they preferred the formatted pdf attachments to the email news reports than to the ordinary emails, and one did not care either way. Everyone at the meeting also endorsed the pdf attachments so we will use that for eNewsletters and other long documents.

Three people responded that they would like to keep our nvmug.com site for another year. One said he would like to contribute to the cost. One reported that she joined us after hearing about us and Googling our web site. One said it might attract more members, and suggested we send an article about us to the Caledonian Record and the Littleton Courier.

Everyone at the meeting agreed to continue the nvmug.com site for another year. Our current information is that it will cost about $30 including keeping nvmug.com on the national register. We will not know the cost for sure until I get our renewal notice from MacHighway, probably in November, and will not need any money until then. MacHighway knows Macintosh computers, has provided excellent support every time I have had a question, and we have experienced no down time.

Stephen Farber arrived and we continued our discussion.

We are using Freeway 5.5 Express for our nvmug.com site. We have not had to use HTML during the many years since Freeway gave it to us because we were a Macintosh User Group. This year is the first time that they have charged for an upgrade, and I will upgrade the program. We have not chosen to upgrade from Freeway Express to Freeway Pro because I do not have the expertise to understand and take advantage of the difference.

Using Freeway Express you create documents almost like you like you do in Pages. Freeway then translates what you have created into HTML to produce your web site.

We agreed to continue using the pdf versions of formatted newsletters in our emails of meeting reports like this one and in other long reports.

We agreed to continue our nvmug.com web page for another year. We will not have to collect any money for the web site until I get an announcement from MacHighway. I will upgrade Freeway Express to version 6.? the first of October.

Stephen Farber had an 88 year old gentleman who wanted to project TV shows onto his TV and was experiencing problems connecting his 200 iMac with $80 in cables. Stephen dscovered a $35 Chrome Cam dongle that plugs into WiFi to receive and display anything that is in Google Pro Window, QuickTime plug in and Chrome Web Page including NetFlex,. Results are somewhat limited because it is 32 bit instead of 64 bit, WiFi speed, and Fairpoint DSL, but it is a worthwhile accessory and a bargain.

Geof has a Snow Leopard and a Mountain Lion partition on his Mac. He thought he might need Snow Leopard for his work in the schools, but he has not yet booted back into Snow Leopard.

Geof said that Google Docks is frustrating to use. He has people under 35 years old in his schools he serves who are connected to Google Docks. When they have a problem Geof has to tell them, “We don’t do Google,” and, “See someone who works on Google Docks.” There is a lack of support on Google. If something goes wrong, you can send an email but may not get an answer.

With Power Point you have to right-click to download the sound. He has people who don’t understand and ask, “Can’t you fix it?” He wanted to tell them to call Microsoft.

Geof said Smart Notebook software works great. It is collaborative learning software from Smart Technologies used in by teachers to create learning experiences and in classrooms for interactive instruction, and at home by students. Teachers can display a three D image and rotate it, or put up a math question with coins and ask a student to select coins to get 53 cents. Then ask another student to find another way to do it.

However, he said schools waste a lot of money. A school bought four Smart document cameras for $800 each only to use as projectors to show on a Smart Board. They ask students to open their computers to look up Penguins overloading the school’s capacity instead of showing the web site on screen from the teacher’s computer. They have overhead projectors in classrooms with expensive cables that are costly to change and have to be changed every time a teacher rearranges a classroom. He said they do not ask if there is another less expensive way to do the same thing. A Mac Mini with AirPlay and any HDTV might do the same thing and be much less expensive.

Stephen said there is a way to put a user on an external drive. You need to have the user on your main drive, but do not have to put the system on your external drive. One purpose might be to put all your banking records at home .on the external drive

Kelly said she had NetFlex but discontinued it because she did not use it enough. She is thinking about Apple TV, Hulu, and looking up steaming sources. Midge is satisfied with Dish. I talked with Gene Levine who recommended the new Apple TV. Stephen said it does everything and integrates iOS 7.

Geof updated a bunch of iPads to iOS 7 in schools this week with no problems. I now have iOS 7 on my iPad and iPod Touch and so far I like it.

Geof said ATT has a dumb phone plan for $25 per month for 2 gigs, $30 for 3 gigs, and $50/moth which you can use in hot spots for wireless servers. Meanwhile my wife was shopping at Radio Shack and after the meeting we bought a simple ----- phone with 1000 minutes, which can be added to, and a year’s service. Not quite the cheapest but we don’t have to worry about having to buy more time before the end of the year. We both have iPod Touches with iOS 7 for apps, photos, and other stuff.

Kelly is not happy with iOS 7 because it is so slow on FaceBook. She has 183 apps on her iPhone and does like being able to put more of them into one folder to organize them better in iOS 7. She now has all her shopping apps in one folder where she can flip through pages to see them rather than having to remember which folder they are in. She has mostly photos and apps on her iPhone and almost never uses it as a phone. She does texting 50 to 100 minutes a month max.



Katherine and
Stephen Farber




Katherine Farber likes iOS 7. it was her 18th birthday and Stephen has ordered an iPhone 5S for her but it is 7 to 10 days for delivery.






Geof updated a bunch of iPads to iOS 7 in schools this week with no problems. I now have iOS 7 on my iPad and iPod Touch and so far I like it.

Geof said ATT has a dumb phone plan for $25 per month for 2 gigs, $30 for 3 gigs, and $50/moth which you can use in hot spots for wireless servers.

In other personal news: Midge is changing jobs and will be working at the Norris Cotten Cancer center because Dr. Hammer has moved his Dermatology office to the Littleton Regional Hospital for personal financial reasons.

Kelly Gonter has a new job with her own office in Newport. If you are interested, you can look up Midge and Kelly on FaceBook.

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