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NVMUG October 21, 2017 Meeting Report

Northern Vermont Macintosh Users Group

Present: Stephen Farber, Warren Walker, Daniel Hollister, Scott Pelok, Midge Lubot, and Geof Gonter

First thing, we attempted to reset the firmware password on an older Air that Scott brought to the meeting. Three different people attempted different methods to address the issue. We were unsuccessful and Scott will have the owner take the computer to the Apple Store, maybe in Manchester.

There was a discussion about ad blockers to keep popups from occurring while browsing. AdBlock(https://getadblock.com/) and Adblock Plus (https://adblockplus.org/) the most popular and is available for all the popular Macintosh browsers. They are available as extensions on the browsers. uBlock Origin (https://www.ublock.org/) is another, but currently only available for Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Chromium.

Had a quick discussion about personal injuries and allergies ie: insect stings, jewelry, flowers, etc

Storage capabilities, online and physical -

Online Services discussion:

iCloud, for data and other formats – 5 GB free, options for 20 GB ($.99 per month, 200 GB ($2.99 per month, and 1 TB ($9.99 per month)

Google for data and pictures – Unlimited storage for pictures

Amazon Pics of images – Part of $99 per year Amazon Prime package

DropBox – 5 GB free, Plus - 1 TB ($9.99 a month, $99.99 a year) and Professional - unlimited ($19.99 per month,$199 per year)

There are other services, but were not discussed. Carbonite is a possibility, with a monthly fee of $59.99 peryear for one computer.

Physical –

External hard drives –- 500 GB through 4 GB. Available online or at places that sell computer supplies. From $45.00 and up. Chose a USB 3 or Thunderbolt for higher speed.

USB Flash Drives – From 8 GB up to 1 TB – Primarily saving your data files, but can do a full backup if big enough.

There was a discussion about support and the issues people have had with various support problems with hardware and software. Many of the companies mentioned have screen readers for support personnel. They read from a computer screen and then follow the response from the customer as to what occurred when suggested actions have been completed.

Daniel mentioned that Apple authorized service centers will not service computer that are 5+ years old. Apple considers those computers vintage. Apple no longer provides parts for them and authorized service personnel are not allowed to use third party parts for replacements for the computers they service.

The next meeting will be on November 18, 2017 in room 224 at the Northeast Regional Hospital. The meeting will start at 10:00 am and end around 12:00 pm. We hope to soon announce presentation topic for the meeting. We will also attempt to address any questions or issues you have about your idevice or computer. Just remember, we don’t have all the answers but we will try to assist you as much as we can.

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