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NVMUG October 2014 Meeting Report

Northern Vermont Macintosh Users Group
Saturday, October 11, 2014
Meeting room 224, Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital
St. Johnsbury, Vermont!!

Hartley Jackson, Joan Hickey, Joan Klappert, Midge Lubot, Russell Carlson, and Stephen Farber attended the meeting.












Joan Hickey and Joan Klappert

Joan Hickey just bought an iPad Air at Small Dog in June. She paid extra to get an AT&T sim card for connecting without WiFi. She prefers to talk and/or text with people face to face than to telephone. The Retina display on her iPad is very nice. Several people agreed that in Danville everyone waits until they get to the top of the hill at the scenic overlook where there is a good connection for Verizon or AT&T.!

Joan Klappert lives in in the country on Brook Road in Danville and does not have WiFi.

Midge and Richard Lubot bought new iPhone 6’s in the West Lebanon AT&T store.They had Midge’s iPhone 6 in stock but they had to order Richard’s silver one. Midgesaid they stopped a King Arthur in Norwich first.












Midge Lubot with new iPhone 6 and older phone

!Midge Lubot has Dish. She used her Dish Network to chat with Amazon when aconvection oven arrived with a dent. It was probably damaged by the shipper. In the chatwith Amazon showed the the dent to the person at Amazon and he offered Midge apartial refund and gave her 25% off.!

I think Russell Carlson said that was reasonable when you consider how much it would cost just for shipping that one back and then shipping a replacement. But it does show the advantage of using a chat where Midge could show him the dent!

Midge puts pictures into her computer immediately.

Midge and Joan Hickey are getting people to text on the phone.

Joan Hickey brought a used MacBook which cannot go beyond Snow Leopard. She has a 32 meg iPod Touch and has never used all of it, so she bought a 16 megabyte iPad and is not sure if it will be big enough.












Joan Hickey and Joan Klappert
with their equipment enjoying the meeting.

Joan Hickey wants an iMac with a big screen. She does not watch TV.

!I do not know who turned Sharing on. I have it, but have never used it. Anyway it somehow showed up on Joan Klappert’s computer, on Midge’s computer and on mine.

Joan Klappert said she needs some individual instruction on her computer or basic instruction like Geof or Stephen can do on the screen.

She said she found a PC presentation program and wanted to print the first page or firstfew pages, but her printer was printing to many pages.!

On my computer when I want to print only selected pages I drag the document into Preview. If the document opens in Preview I can can save it as pdf. Then, still in Preview, I can view it in thumbnail view and print the page numbers that I want.

Joan Klappert wanted to delete email from her computer. I recommended using HELP to learn. We went to email > Help and there she found out how to go to email > Preferences and then to > ”Set delete after.” I suggested that she might want to use “after oneweek” rather than “after one day” just for a little time to avoid deleting something by mistake.!

I thought Help came with the program but Joan said you need a WiFi connection. I turned WiFi off, and Joan was correct. The program comes with its Help, but it includes an outline with links to more detailed pieces that are online. It works so fast that having much of the help instructions online is not a problem if you have a WiFi connection. But Joan Klappert does not have WiFi at her house.

Meanwhile Stephen Farber was working with Joan Hickey.













Stephen connected Joan Hickey to NVRH Public on her MacBook.

The Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital is one of many places that provide a public WiFi connection. The public is welcome in the hospital’s library. Look for Wi-F in other public places and businesses. If you have a little fan like icon on the top of your screen you can click on it, and it will tell you if WiFi is available where you are. On your IOS device this Wi-Fi symbol in in you Settings. If it is a private Wi-Fi so you cannot connect automatically, ask if there is a password you can use to connect.

!Midge Lubot recommended setting up an iChat with Apple Support as the best and fastest way to get help with problems if you have AppleCare. She said that was the best way because in a chat the expert can show you while he or she is telling you the answer to your problem. Go to
< http://www.apple.com/support/chat >. for the fastest connection to a chat..

Following up on this information I recommend going to www.apple.com even if you do not have Applecare. Browse the topics that interest you, and go to "Support" for the different kinds of support Apple and their user group communities provide.

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