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NVMUG October 2013 Meeting Report

Northern Vermont Macintosh Users Group
October 19, 2013
Room 224, Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital
St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Midge Lubot, our President, is now again the Secretary of the Kiwanis Club. The last time she became the Secretary it took over a week to get all the boxes of stuff to her house. This time she has it all on an 8 gig thumb drive. Homer May told her that a thumb drive holds about 200 pages per meg, so her thumb drive should hold about 1.6 million pages.

Midge said she uses Outlook for email because she has a friend who has a PC. She said she had a problem with it. Homer May offered to help.

Homer May is a long time NVMUG member who provides Macintosh support, repairs, and help with internet hook ups as a business. He doesn’t get to NVMUG meetings very often because he lives in Haverhill, N.H.

You can view his HLM Macintosh Support and Web Design site at http://webpages.charter.net/hlm/Web/ where he has a list of some of the web sites he set up and maintains.

Homer said some people. thhat he believes might be Obama supporters, don’t like it because of his. “Live Free or Die.” He said someone was getting in and changing his pictures.

I told him, “I am an Obama supporter, but I liked his site. It is good to try to understand another person’s views.” Since I last saw it he has revised his site greatly improving its styling and navigability. Has added a new stated purpose which is to support the import of profits. (He sent me an email to make sure that I read this statement of purpose, and I have promised to send him a comment that he might post on his site.)

Homer May bought a Mac SE to get a bigger screen, and got the Freeway program. He said when he got the Freeway program it cut the time it took to create a web site in half.

Homer brought his friend Bill German to the meeting. Bill used to be the editor for an Apple Users Group in Philidelphia. Bill said he collects Macs. He has more than 1,000 in stock including 300 iMacs. He has replacement keyboards for most of them. He buys and sells at flee markets.

Gordon Alexander asked how he should back up his stuff if he should decide to get a different computer. Bill showed Gordon how much space he was using on his laptop's hard drive. Gordon had 57 gigs free and about 100 gigs worth of stuff including programs and his operating system. Bill estimated that all the photos and everything else Gordon might want to save would be about 30 gigs, and advised him get a 64 gig pen drive and copy to that. Bill doesn't have Mountain Lion, but he would give Gordon his telephone number so Gordon could call him if he wants help over the telephone.

Midge said she used Time Machine to get back up after Richard's computer was atolen with all her information, and had no problems. Midge lost all her passwords, but luckily they were backed up on Time Machine.

Tom Cuddihy said he built a backup operating system on a thumb drive. He looked up how to do it, and followed the step-by-step instructions.

Someone asked about backing up on iCloud, and what it costs. We knew that 5 megs was free, not counting some things. You can buy more gigs, but we did not know the costs. Someone suggested as a topic for another meeting - Different Services for a Backup.

Bill said Zerox was the first one with a mouse. Steve Jobs played with it, and Zerox gave it to him. He gave Zerox $15,000 worth of stock, but they had just given hime the mouse.

I told them that Apple introduced the Mac and Appleworks at expos in three cities, and I went to the one in Chicago. I was blown away by AppleWorks - it may have been called ClarisWorks at the time - but was not impressed by the Macintosh. Midge said she would like to use the AppleWorks spread sheet today. Bill said Visicalc was invented on an Apple II..

Bill German studied textile engineering. They had a jacquard loom with punch cards to control the loom. In 1966 he did whole year's worth of work with punch cards trying to get a large program to compile. He had to go somewhere else to punch the cards each time when he needed to enter anything new or make a correction. He ran out of time and never did get it to compile. He said it could cost $1,000 a night just to run computer programs with punch cards.

Midge Lubot used to sell framed pictures and made catalogs for customers. She used a special printer to hold the volumes of inks she needed. She said something about, "it was like working with punch cards." She still has the printer, but inks might be problem.

Midge described the interview she had for her new job at the DHMC Norris Cotton Cancer Center. They said they would let her know in about a week. An hour and a half later they offered her the job. She loves it. She liked Dr. Hammer but there was more work than two people could do. She had been working extra hours and coming in at night because that was the only way to get the job done.

Gordon Alexander lives in Quebec, a French part of Canada, and works in Newport. He is a dual citizen, born in Canada, who doesn't speak French so he cannot get a job there. He is a photo journalist and bought his first Mac because the daily newspaper used Macs, so thats what he used. He said that when a child's parent speak English and French the child is taught both, but if both parent speak only French, the child is taught only French. That keeps them in Quebec because they can't get a job anywhere else unless they speak English.

He told about a store that had a parrot which spoke only English, and the Quebec language police made them get rid of it. Stores can have signs in English, but only if they have a larger sign saying the same thing in French. I believe it was Bill who said when someone as asked at the border, "Do you have any drugs, alcohol, or firearms?" answered, "What do you need?"

Midge was visiting Geof and Kelly Gonter in Newport. They decided to Tim Horton's which they could see just across the border for donuts and coffee. When they came back the border patrol asked the usual questions, and when they told him he said, "You went for what?"

As usual we discussed security or the lack of it. Someone said the head of IBM said, "Don't put anything you don't want to share on the internet?" I am not sure the wording, but believe it was Bill you said that the CEO of Oracle, and the third richest person in the US said' "If you want to see what I have recorded, be my guest."

Bill said that antivirus programs can prevent you from getting things. He couldn't get into one of this records because he had reset a time date. Bill also said he uses a Quicken program he bought in 1995 for his checkbook. He said the new version added so much stuff you can't use it.

Someone asked what good was Facebook. Midge said it is open to talk to people, and she can talk to Kiwanis members all around the world. If you are employed, it is almost essential to have a Facebook account so people can find you.

Bullying is a problem on Facebook, and parents and schools should do more to monitor it.

Gordon Alexander asked if there is any way you can change black text on a white background to white text on a black background. He is having trouble reading most text now. Bill said to be sure your other lights in the room are on when you are reading on your screen.

Bill asked how many members NVMUG has. We now have 49 members on our newsletter mailing list, down from about 55. The number of Mac user groups is deceasing and Bill said attendance at computer shows is really down.

Someone asked if the iPhone would replace the computer. Someone said the iOS devices don't have keyboards, but you can buy a case for your iPad that includes a keyboard for it. Someone said you may not need a keyboard, you could just talk to it. David Pogue has for years just talked to his computer, and couldn't have written all his Missing Manuals without it.

Someone asked, "Why do people do hacking?" Answers included some is malicious, some is for money, and for many it is probably the challenge of doing it. If we didn't have passwords, there might be less hacking!

The meeing ended with a quick sustitution for a raffle and Home May received "Take Control of Upgrading to Maverick." Maverick is not a horse, it is the name of a city in California. There are a lot more cities for new Mac OS X names.

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