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NVMUG November 18, 2017 Meeting Report

Northern Vermont Macintosh Users Group

Those attending the meeting were:

Bill German, Homer May, Midge Lubot, Bruce Shields, Joan Hickey, and Geof Gonter

Midge proudly showed off her new iPhone X and iPad Retina. However, she was having trouble with getting into her iCloud account to use her devices and download/install applications. Steve worked with her for period of time, but she has many accounts and it took awhile to get things sorted out.

Joan has had issues with her Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. She said she thinks her mouse is dying. She said it will stop working every once in a while. She also has a Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard that offers a touch feature that no longer works. It was recommended she might think about replacing both devices.

Homer brought along some mystery Cisco devices to see if anyone could identify them and assist him getting them to work. A neighbor had the items given to them at a yard sale. It looks like they are controllers for television viewing, possibly with an external antenna. Bill is going to experiment with them.

There was a discussion about technology and where it is headed in the energy industry. The discussion covered current innovations and limitations for powering vehicles, homes, and industrial devices that normally utilize petroleum or coal for power.

Hartley brought a hard drive, USB hub, Wacom tablet, and miscellaneous computer related items. The items were sold off and the money went to the hospital to compensate for the use of the room.

Someone had trouble sending email, while at the meeting. When it was checked during the meeting, the message they had to email outbound went. There has been no mention of the issue since the meeting.

Again, the next NVMUG meeting is on December 16 at 10:00 am in the Northeast Regional Hospital in room 224. Bring along some Christmas goodies if you would like to share. Hope to see you there.

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