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NVMUG Meeting Report May 2013


NVMUG Meeting
10 a.m Saturday, May 18, 2013
Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital

We met in the cafeteria because Conference Room C is in the basement at NVRH which is a secured area on weekends and at night because confidential information and Information Technology is located there. The pass we had did not work, and we have a special problem because our members do not all arrive at the same time.




Midge Lubot, Geof Gonter, Kelly Gonter in the NVRH Cafeteria



We have since talked to the people at NVRH and they are going to give us a higher priority for meeting in the other conference rooms. If the other rooms are not available, Neil Raphel said we may be able to meet at his place. We will let you know where we will be meeting when we send the meeting reminders and on our web page.

I ram resigning as our NVMUG User Group Ambassador, and will no longer be providing the prizes, for our monthly raffles. Geof Gonter said that he might be willing to do this work. I am sending an email to our Regional Apple liaison to find out what we need to do to make this change.

Geof suggested that we might get more people to come to the meetings if we had scheduled presentations. We agreed that it would be a good idea.

We agreed that if we have presentations each one should be treated like a guest speaker. There should not be interruptions unless the speaker has specifically asked for questions or comments. Sometimes discussion that is meant to add to or clarify what the speaker is trying to say, may instead confuse the audience, and it may make it more difficult for the speaker to follow his or her planned presentation.

We also agreed that the presentation topics could include iPads, iPhones, etc, and not be limited to Mac computer topics.

Midge said that Scott Pelok would probably be interested in doing a remote presentation sometime.

Midge said people might be interested in an article in the New York Times about Steve Jobs’s widows philanthropy.

Kelly Gonter told us about apps on an iPhone or iPad having to do with brain waves and sounds. One of the apps is AmbiScience. She said something about 300 tones to choose from, and hearing in the brain, not the ears.

Kelly sounded so enthusiastic that I googled AmbiScience and found that more information is available at www.teslasoftware.com Then I checked the App Store and bought the AmbiScience bundle pack for $1.99.

Neil Raphel and Stephen Farber arrived just as Geof was saying that he uses TextEdit for his word processing 95% of the time, Geof is forced to use Word on some things, but likes Pages better.



Stephen Farber and Neil Raphel in the NVRH Cafeteria


Neil said that when an author sends in a manuscript in Word for publishing, the first thing he has to do is to strip it and put it into InDesign. He received a book about animation with 100 illustrations in a Word document. He had to take all the illustrations out to edit it, then put them back in InDesign for publishing. Word is not a graphics program.

Neil said that Publisher is even worse than Word. Neil can’t use it to send to a printer. If he attaches a Publisher document, it will only send the first page.

I mentioned PDFpen for editing a pdf document, but did not have the information with me to describe what the program does. You can learn more about PDFpen at http://smilesoftware.com/PDFpen/ .

Geof said he uses Acrobat for editing pdf files.

Neil has an ethical question concerning Facebook. He uses Facebook for his business and it is now up to 90 “likes.” He can buy 1,000 likes for $25. His ethical question is, “Should he buy them.” Neil said one reason he probably won’t buy them is because the ratio of persons to likes would get too out of phase.

I did a little research, and for more information about Neil’s publishing and the books they publish, see Compass Publishing on FaceBook, and compasspublishing.org and brigantinemedia.com on the internet. They publish primarily business, education, and fiction books.

Neil would like to give books to every teacher in Vermont. He wants to get well enough known in Vermont, and then spread to other states. Neil works with the authors to publish their books, and arranges for them to be printed by someone else. He said that people think the company will market their books, but most of them only publish. They do not promote. He said the average self-published books sell just 42 copies.

Geof said the next version of Photoshop after CS6 will only be available by prescription online for $50 a month. To expensive for most amateurs. Geof works with schools who are using GIMP which does the same things for free, Photoshop Elements would meet the needs of most users.

Stephen said if you find a file that ends in .exe on your Mac, throw it away. It won’t work.

PayPal tells you that if you ever get anything that appears to be from them that does not have your name on it, throw it away.

Thanks to whoever it was who said David Pogue has a TED talk. I found it by searching TED for David Pogue. You can use your TED app, or www.TED.com.


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