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NVMUG Meeting Report March 9, 2013

NVMUG Meeting
10 a.m. Saturday, March 9, 2013
Conference Room C
Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital
St. Johnsbury, Vermont

It was a warm sunny day. Bruce Shields emailed, “I will be tapping my maple trees today — see you next month. There were no members at the meeting seeking help with problems and no planned presentations.

Conference C is in the basement. I forgot that for security reasons the elevators require a pass card to go down to the basement at night and on weekends, and that there was a volunteer at the information desk to help us. Someone else was getting off the elevator so Midge Lubot and I did not need other help for the ride down. Others had a similar experience of got help.

I hope that it was just because of the unusually nice spring day that we had a very small attendance and not because any if you had problems getting to the meeting.

This picture Midge Lubot took from her back porch started our discussion.




Kelly Gonter responded showing a picture of her kitty.










Kelly and Geof Gonter with the two monitors.










Midge has a new Nikon P7100 19.1MP camera with a a tilt and flip screen you can view to shoot from different angles, no shake image stabilization, a 28-200mm 35mm equivalent zoom lens, and many other features. She needed it for taking her Kiwanis photos, and chose it after last month’s discussion and trying cameras in the store. She passed it around for us to see.



Stephen Farber with Midge's new Nikon.








Stephen Farber said in the olden days, printers could print T-shirt transfers. Now they don’t. I checked and HP still sells HP Iron-On T-shirt transfer paper, and they have instructions including which printers get to hot to use. However, the first step after you create the design is to use your graphics program or printer software to flip the design. They did not say what printers today come with that software. If you wants to explore this further, let me know what you learn and I will be happy to share it here.

Michael Marks told us about an Olympus digital camera with an excellent lens. Aside from its fine optics, it's major advantage is that it looks like an old 35mm DSL so no one would steal it. Either Geof or Mike said that the Canon point and shoot SureShot has an advantage for getting good spontaneous photos.




Michael Marks





Mike said he and Debra were avid geocachers. Geocaching is a real world treasure hunt where people hide treasures and then people use their iPhone or other smartphone and/or Garmin or other GPS to search for them. The fun is in the getting there. To learn more about it, and maybe to start searching, the URL is www.geocaching.com.

I entered our Lyndon zip code, 05851, and the site showed eight places to search within three miles that were placed between 2004 and 2011 and had all been last reported as found between January 26, 2012 and November 4, 2012. Spring is coming and you might like to try it.

Kelly Gonter said her iPhone is never more than an arms length away. Someone suggested that she see where hers said it was. It said it was in California.

You enter “where am I” on your iPhone or Mac to see a map showing where it is. Midge and I tried it, and saw where we were, but also somehow saw that California address, and a little later a Reno address showed on Kelly's iPhone. A mystery!

Mike has a Kindle with WiFi on it and downloads Kindle books from the library. It takes him a long time to read them because he reads lots of books at a the same time. He can keep them on his computer because the books don’t expire as long as he keeps the Kindle off of the library. (Try connecting to your library on the internet, or ask your local librarian what is available.)

You can download a Kindle reader free for your Mac or iOS device from Amazon.com.

My Macbook Air kept announcing the time at half hour intervals. I explained that it was to remind me to get up and stretch. It wasn’t getting me up until the group also reminded me. Geof said he puts his computer on a stand or counter at work to stand more and sit less.

Mike has Photoshop Elements and has just started using Lightroom. Stephen uses Lightroom. Stephen recommended the Adobe Training series for free tutorials for Photo Shop and Lightroom. (I could not log in, and they do not recognize my email address?)

Scott and Jerry Pelok may visit us this summer. Scott was one of the early founders of NVMUG who really got it going over 10 years ago. Midge showed pictures of them at their camp on a lake in northern Ontario.



Gordon Alexander was not at the meeting, but he sent me this photo and I thought you might like to see it.

Someone said something about wasting time on the computer. Geof asked, "How do you define wasting time."” I said that in my case it was trying to use it.




In the raffle: Mike won a CD with a pdf 0f Take Control of Your Passwords by Joe Kissell from TidBiTS, Stephen won a certificate for an eBook from O'Reilly, and Midge won a  CD with my copy of Cloud: Visual QuickStart Guide, Second Edition by Tom Negrino published by Peachpit Press.

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