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NVMUG June 2016 Meeting Report

Northern Vermont Macintosh Users Group
Present: Hartley Jackson, Daniel Hollister, Stephen Farber, Kathy Filkins, Frada Kaplan, Jeannie (friend of Frada’s) Midge Lubot, Kelly Gonter, and Geof Gonter.

Rumor – Apple may drop the 11” MacBook Air and the 13” may be dropped with the MacBook replacing it.

Apple may moving to a subscriber model, meaning one will have to subscribe annually for applications.

Frada has Larry’s old iPad and wants to possibly trade her iPad 2, for a new generation iPad Mini or laptop.

There was another discussion about purchasing a Macintosh laptop. All Macintosh laptops, except the 13” MacBook Pro, come with solid state drives. That makes them perform considerably faster with better battery life. All of the current Macintosh laptops with solid state drives also come with 8 gigabytes of memory. It was mentioned that installing a solid state drive in older MacBook laptops will speed up the computers considerably. Only the MacBook Pro, nonsolid state drive, comes with an optical drive. External optical drives are available, from Apple as well as aftermarket units. The Apple external drive works only with Apple computers that lack the internal drive.

Kathy had files in her trash that could not be deleted. Daniel assisted her in deleting the files. He also assisted her in deleting items from her hard drive as the amount of space was low enough to affect the performance of her computer.

Kathy could not sync her messages, contacts, and calendars between her Apple devices. Stephen and Kelly assisted her in changing her password and setting up her iCloud account so the devices were synced as she desires.

Hartley and Stephen exchanged an external hard drive and a time capsule.

There was no interest in the books brought for the raffle, but Hartley bought one of the books and a donation was made toward the gift to hospital by Stephen.


There will be no July meeting this summer.

The next meeting is scheduled for August 6, 2016 in Room 224 in the Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital from 10:00 am to 12:00 PM.


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