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NVMUG July 12, 2014 Meeting Report

NVMUG July 2014 Meeting Report

Northern Vermont Macintosh Users Group
Saturday, July 12, 2014
Meeting room 224,
Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital
St. Johnsbury, Vermont

The AppleWorks 30th Anniversary Meeting

Members present in order of arrival were: Hartley Jackson, Homer May, Bill German, Kelly and Geof Gonter, Midge Lubot, Stephen Farber, David Martin, and Barry Hayes.

Bill German Franconia Area, Stephen Lake Elmore 14 miles north of Stowe, and David Martin, “I live in New Hampshire because it gives me a great view of Vermont,

Homer May emailed me before before the meeting with an enclosure containing instructions for making a Mac OSX 7 installer that will work on any Intel Mac, and suggested that I could forward them to you if people would be interested. I asked Geof Gonter about it and we decided that it might be overkill, not of interest to most of our members, and a bit difficult for many of us.

We brought this up at the beginning of the meeting. Geof recommended using Disk Maker instead, a free application, that will install Lion, and Mountain Lion. He said to be sure the drive you put it on is OK to be completely wiped out. Geof uses an 8 gig drive to copy them onto, so he can then copy it into a partition on a drive. Go to <liondiskmaker.com> it to find where you can get the free application.

But, why would people be interested in installing this old operating system?

Much later in the meeting, Barry Hayes reported that his 2007 15-inch MacBook Pro has a LCD problem. Bell German said he may have the part to replace it, but he also might have another 207 15-inch MacBook Pro to replace it which would be easier and probably not more expensive. Bill said Macs do not depreciate as fast as PC stuff.

Barry Hayes wants to keep his 2007 MacBook Pro because it runs Snow Leopard. He likes Snow Leopard. It is stable, and it runs AppleWorks.











Barry Hayes and his 2007 15-inch MacBook Pro
ISO 640, 1/30 second

Frada Kaplan uses AOL and AppleWorks. Richard Lubot still uses AppleWorks. Maybe more of you do.

I was to an Apple event in Chicago in 1984 when Apple introduced the Mac and AppleWorks. I was not impressed with the Mac, but sure was by AppleWorks. Soon after I moved to Vermont in 1992 I learned about a new Apple club in St. Johnsbury, NVMUG which was being started including present members Scott Pelok, and Midge and Richard Lubot. I joined them and started writing the minutes using AppleWorks on my last of the line Apple computer, including a report of the only Vermont Apple Expo that we put on that featured David Pogue.

When AppleWorks was replaced by Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, most os us switched to them, but it is easy for me to understand why people would rather continue to use AppleWorks even if they have to stay with older Macs.


Many things were discussed during the meeting before it became chaotic toward the end, with people talking about problems with screws, how to take a computer apart, and checking and iPad all at the same time.

It wasn’t until Sunday that I realized the story of the meeting was really the AppleWorks anniversary. Here are my notes about the rest of there meeting.

Bill German said that Kodak had a digital camera for 25 years, but never released it because it might hurt their film sales.












Bill German
ISO 320 1/20 second

Bill German gets lots of used keyboards and he had a program to see if all the keys work.

Geof recommended going into the International Group, Keyboard viewer in Keyboard Preferences. He uses his all the time, foe example option-V to get a checkmark √. (In Mavericks I went to System Preferences >Keyboard and and checked Show Keyboard & Character Viewers in my menu bar. ✓ from my Favorites character viewer, and √ from option-v.) it’s fun to explore.).

When Bill German gets a computer, he reinstalls a fresh operating system, but doesn’t zero data. Geof instead first zeros the data because it clears out bad stuff, before installing a new operating system.

Geof said schools are now required to hold e-mails for 15 years by the government. Theirs are constantly backed up. His Administrator uses AOL for his emails because there is no tracking.











Geof Gonter ISO  320 1/80 second

Geof said 95% of computers will not use more than 3% of its potential. Most just use it for email, not even for photos. An iPad would do as well. But, Geof said he has a good number of teachers who really know how to and do make good use of their computers.

Bill German said he will never have another computer without at least two monitors.

Geof said that spread sheets are so limited compared to databases like Filemaker, some freebees, and Open Office, but with most it is not easy to transfer data and maintain their formats. When you go to Numbers and Excel, they transfer quite well including the way they look.

Midge bought a new battery and power pad for her MacBook. Sometimes it works fine, but sometimes it has problems. Geof said he runs his battery until it goes to sleep every month or so. Stephen Farber checked and Midge’s battery was good, but Midge says it goes dead sometimes even when it is plugged in












Midge Lubot
ISO 320 1/20 second

When you buy a charger or attachment cord for your computer, it is best to buy Apple or at least a name brand like Belkin which is Apple approved or Apple certified or the Eicho charging station. Other cheaper stuff you find at a store counter may not last long, or may short out causing problems. A woman in Japan was electrocuted when using an after market charge when while sitting in an airport lounge. Stephen Farber has had after mark chargers that did not work. Geof Gonter said said some smaller ones get extremely hot.

If you go to Europe you need the right duckbill converer for 220. You can buy a plan to use your cell phone in Europe.

Apple stores near here include the Maine Mall in Portland, ME, the Pleasant Lane Mall in Nashua, N.H, the Rockingham Park store in Salem, N.H., and the Crossgates Mall in Albany, N.Y. I sometimes go to the Small Dog Apple store in Burlington or Waitsfield, VT, but Midge said she does not like Small Dog. There are rumors of an L. L. Bean store coming to the Church Street Mall in Burlington, VT, but members said the market area is too small to ever get an Apple Store.

Someone said that the insect “debug” originally referred to was a moth.

With the old film cameras you had to change the film if you wanted to change the film speed if, for example, you wanted to change from shooting in sunlight to shooting indoors without a flash. With today 's digital cameras you can just change your digital ISO settings between pictures.

During the meeting I experimented with using different ISOs on my little Canon camera. Ever since I got the camera I have been using an ISO of 200 for my indoor shots. It is great for image quality when the lens is wide open f/1.2, but when it is zoomed it drops down to f/4.9 and the shutter speed in our meeting room drops. I hadn’t realized how slow it often was. In my experiments the only picture I took at ISO 200 was 1/13 second. I hadn’t realized I was shooting that slow while hand holding the camera and not asking people to hold still for the picture. I should have run this experiment at least two years ago. Based upon these experiments I will be using an ISO of at least 640 for photos during the meetings












St3phen Farber with his Nikon
ISO 3201/30 second












David Martin
ISO 320 1?30 second

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