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NVMUG January, 2014 Meeting News

Northern Vermont Macintosh Users Group
Naturday, January 11, 2014
Meeting room 224, Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital
St. Johnsbury, Vermont

The weather forecast was for freezing rain and icy roads, followed by rain and flooding. Some regular members missed the meeting for other reasons. So this was our smallest meeting ever, with just Midge Lubot, Michael Marks, and me, Hartley Jackson

The night before the meeting, I was cleaning our toilet when my iPod Touch slipped out of my shirt pocket into the water. I fetched it out as quickly as I could
and started drying it with a towel. My wife, Dona, shook water out of the power connection hole. We put it into a quart bag of rice, and left it on the warm floor overnight.

The next morning I checked memory on my iPad to see what size of iPod Touch I was going to have to buy, 32 GB. It would cost $299 plus. I still had a year and a half to go on my Apple Care, but it would not cover water damage.


I had no hope when I turned my iPod Touch on.

But this is what I saw:





Mike Marks Is on Hot Air every other Sunday ar 12:30 on WGDR which broadcasts from Goddard College and covers an area from about Montpelier to the Hardwick - Danville area. You can hear it online this Sunday, January 12, at 12:30 at www.wgdr.org.

Mike favors oldies, early 60’s music, and enjoys talking with listeners.

Mike likes Spotify available at www.spotify.com as a favorite source of music. It is free or $5.00 per month without the commercials. He prefers it over Pandora which is also a good source of music.

Mike also subscribes to Netflex for shows he cannot find elsewhere. He gets 3 disks at a time for $15.00 a month.

Midge Lubot asked how you can get rid of the list of pages on the left of a Pages document display.

ScreenShotPages195x136On my computer running the current Pages Beta there is this little image above the display of the list of pages.

You can click on it to change the column of pages below.

On my and Midge’s version of Pages you can also click on View > Show Thumbnails to show or hide the thumbnail pages.

Midge talked a little about Warren Walker who taught himself Photoshop and took pictures of the catalogs they used to make to sell pictures, and about not visiting Scott Pelok this Xmas. Scott was our early NVMUG leader. He has added solar power to their cottage in Canada to power their Macintosh computers.

I commented on excellent support by Ecamm for their Printopia program. With Printopia in your Mac you can print from you Mac and other Macs and iOS devices on you same network to printers that do not have this built in capability. It cost me $19.95 several years ago. When we began to have trouble with it printing, my Systems Preferences said I needed to update it. I should send my email address and they would email the update to me. They file the registration number by the email address, but my email address and changed. Fortunately I had used my old email address for so long that I remembered it and could email it to them. Some person on their end emailed back that they had changed my information so that I could complete finish updating. (If you are using Printopia and change your email address, use your System Preferences to change your address. I do not know how they can make money if they provide this kind of service for that one-time charge of $19.95

We did not take a collection for our NVMUG web site.

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