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NVMUG February 2014 Meeting News

Northern Vermont Macintosh Users Group
Saturday, February 8, 2014
Meeting room 224, Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital
St. Johnsbury, Vermont

At the meeting there were two people who had not been to a meeting in a very long time, Russell Carlson and Joan Hickey, and Bruce Shields, Michael Marks, and Midge Lubot. Midge took the notes for this report.

I waas away takeing movies at the Occum Pond Party, an ice skating party in Hanover sponsored by the city recreation department and Dartmouth College and made possible by dedicated volunteer workers.

Midge Lubot is one of the busiest people I know with a full time job at the cancer center, and another full time job as a leader in the St. Johnsbury Kiwanis. It usually takes me more than one day to edit my own notes for each meeting report. I add what I can remember to the report. I have learned to use Spotlight to initiate a quick Safari - Google search for items to better understand and report what was said at the meeting, fill in more meaning, and add references where you can learn more if you want to.Because

This report is a combination of Midge's notes and my editing. I claim all the credit for any errors.

Joan Hickey asked about problems with programs on Mavericks. She is using iBank and likes to use it. She is concerned that they are going to charge for downloading. www.iggsoftware.com/ibank/

Joan is thinking of getting a combo router and backup. 

Russell Carlson is trying to decide whether or not to upgrade to Mavericks. They have an iMac. (I am using Mavericks and like it, but if he is not in a hurry, I would suggest waiting because there seem to be so many changes that might be in the works, and might come out in the next few weeks or months.)

Joan has transferred music to her computer from, I assume, nondigital media.  

Mike Marks said there is a free open source program called Audacity which will record anything and transfers it to digital. You save it as an Mp3, and can put it onto anything. (I found it at <http://audacity.sourceforge.net>) He also said there there is a program called Spin It Again., (which I found at <http://www.acoustica.com/spinitagain/> and learned that Acoustica's Spin audio It Again™ can easily record any vinyl LP to CD or cassette to MP3, and costs $34.95.) Mike also said that Ion makes digital conversion turntables that plug into your PC, or Mac, or iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to transfer music while you listen.<http://www.ionaudio.com/products/details/iLP>

Bruce Shields has an Hitachi turn table, he had to pay $40 for a new belt. Mike said “you were taken.”  Bruce asked about Cook Laboratories, which produced music CDs that were pure vinyl, and were translucent. (A Safari Google search found that Emery Cook was an audio engineer pioneer, and Cook Laboratories produced records from1952-1966, the songs are available on iTunes for $0.99 at <https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/cook-laboratories/id285898720>

Mike said he gave up with Quickbooks (Intuit accounting software). He put it on backup media. He kept one PC & put it away on floppies to magnetic tape etc.

Bruce thinks you can put into any media.

Mike said you can transfer it to a spreadsheet operation. An Excel spreadsheet is searchable so it might be what she wants. Comma delimited data can be read by anything. They are very compact, you could put 15 years on to a single cd. Put the disc in, open a spreadsheet program, and open it. 

Bruce said that they have to change it to comma delimitated format first. The state generated things in Office and they couldn’t open it in their Office.

Bruce said you can move a program from one computer to another. His wife drags Quicken from his computer to hers and it works on both computers with the sharing function.

Turbo Tax - forms or questionnaire is annoying to work with but it makes sure you remember to put in everything you need. Joan Hickey tried it for two years, but she had problems with the information it was taking. 

People talked about the opening of the Olympic Games with 60 high tech projectors which produced waves that were so cool, they changed the floors . They projected the map of the floor . People formed a waving flag with 3 colors Only two uniforms stood out the U.S. and Russia, the others were very plain. There was controversy over the national anthem. They played the tune of pre -1918 but not the  words. They were preparing the security. It was only 38 miles to the republic of Georgia. Russia built a fortified fence within Georgia. 

Joan has a Roku box. You don’t have as big a selection on the iTunes. The Roku streams Netflex, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO GO and more subscriptions as well as hundreds of free channels from the Internet. ItThe Roku box plugs into your TV and picks up the wireless signal from your Mac and WiFi router. You can run an HDMI cable from the computer to the TV, also Apple makes a dangle that goes from the computer to the TV. The speed of steaming from your computer to the TV may depend upon how much memory you have. You can get more information at <http://www.roku.com>. 

Someone said, if you have a DVD player they have inputs in them. I believe he also said he bought a 42” Westinghouse TV for $309 for in 2009. (Out of curiosity I looked up Westinghouse TVs on <http://westinghousedigital.com>. They recommend 32” to 42” for living rooms or gaming rooms, and describe the technologies but not the prices. They apparently believe Roku will be an important part of the future because they announced a new 110-inch 4K Ultra HD TV, larger than any of us would ever own, would be Roku ready.

Someone mentioned Meritline & Monoprice which deal only with cables or small peripherals. He needed a 50” hdmi cable and it only cost about $4.50. I checked and yu can use < http://www.meritline.com/> if you are looking for something at the lowest price now, and < http://www.monoprice.com/> if you want the lowest price but do not need it right away.

Someone also said that Micromat has a new version of Techtool that claims to put a out report that checks all the ports. I Googled and found <http://www.micromat.com/store> which announced a new version TechTool Pro 7. I wish I could find the registration number from the TechTool program I had many years ago.I would upgrade for $39.99. The purchase price is $99.99 and may be reasonable for a younger person.

Micromat also has Checkmate health monitoring software for an introductory $29.99, retail $49.99, which is supposed to spot small Macintosh problems before they become big problems.

If you have experience or more information about either of these Micromat programs that you would like to share with us, please reply to this email and let me know.

Finally Midge reports that they collected $20 at the meeting in $5.00 donations for our NVMUG.com web site which brngs the total to the $30 required for the year. It is paid for.

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