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NVMUG December 2015 Meeting Report

Northern Vermont Macintosh Users Group
Saturday, December 12, 2015
Meeting Room 224, Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital
St. Johnsbury, Vermont

NVMUG Meeting 12/12/2015

Present: Warren Walker, Midge Lubot, Bill & Sonia German, Kelly & Geof Gonter, Bruce Shields, Hartley Jackson, and Joan Hickey

Warren Walker was asked how large a photo he could print. He said 12”x18” is the largest he can make on his printer, He bought new Pentax camera has gotten lots of offers for it since he bought it.

There was a discussion on email spam. Bill German said he has gotten no spam since he switched to Fairpoint. iCloud and gMail also do a good job of filtering. Email filtering is a balance between blocking all spam vs getting every customer, in the case of business. Spam allows the ability for a person trying connect with possible customers to solicit customers for legitimately and illegitimately.

During a discussion about cellphones and their performance, someone said there is no service in with Verizon in most of Derby Line.

Someone mentioned Google business plan are based upon information, not hardware like Apple. Google’s business plan is to sell information, Google sells name and location information. Until now Microsoft has primarily been a software company, that sells some hardware.

Geof said CDWG gives Vermont schools a discount price on most items, under a state contract. This gives them select supplier status with many school districts.

Schools are using Apple TV to connect to projectors or TVs in the classroom Apple TV receives signal through Airplay, via the network.

Midge’s MacBook weighs just 2 pounds, it has only one port C-port. But one can buy a USB C-Dock. OtherWorld Computing (http://macsales.com) is the supplier. It has ports for video, Thunderbolt, ethernet, SD Card, HDMI, power, and four for USB 3.0. It will be available for purchase in January of 2016.

Quicken (http://www.quicken.com/mac) - does lots of things automatically - some things that you may not want it to do.

Joan mentioned something about IOS 9 versions, took away calculator functions that she used outside of program. A link to a free app, Big Calculator Free that does this is https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/big-calculator-free/id374174252?mt=8 .

Bill said he turns automatic updates off and selects his updates manually.

It must have been Midge who mentioned that Dartmouth sent out an email to get people not to use email, If Bruce is unsure about an email, Wild Blue has a way to open the source without opening it in his email.

Midge said Now Dartmouth Hitchcock thinks they might want to go back to using Macs. They started with Macintosh computers in the 80’s and then switched to the Windows operating system.

Check MacUpdate (http://www.macupdate.com) for free checkbook programs. An example is “iCheckBook 3b”.

There is a website for testing the keyboard (www.keyboardtester.com). You can also hold down D key on startup on the newest Macintosh to do a quick apple hardware test for the keyboard.

Daniel Hollister had emailed that Small Dog Electronics has lost their Apple service contract authorization. Small Dog’s website says they are working on re-obtaining the ability to service Apple products under warranty. System Plus Computers in Lebanon is an authorized Apple service provider if you need to have your computer serviced. The Apple Stores in Manchester, Nashua, and Rockingham NH, as well in South Portland, ME also provides warrant service, but you should call ahead for an appointment.

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