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NVMUG August 16, 2014 Meeting Report

Northern Vermont Macintosh Users Group
Saturday, August 16, 2014
Meeting room 224, Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital
St. Johnsbury, Vermont!

Geof and Kelly Gonter, Joan Hickey, Richard and Midge Lubot, Larry Angell, Freda Kaplan, Barry Hayes, Stephen Farber, and a new member - Joan KLappert attended the meeting.!

I, Hartley Jackson, was not able to attend the meeting because I had had a nightmare hrown myself out of bed landing two feet away on the hardwood floor. X-rays showed that my hip was not broken, but I had a little bleeding in my brain. I was taken to Dartmouth Hitchcock and was in intensive career for four days. When I got home I was still receiving care and unable to attend the meeting. I asked Midge to take notes that I could use to wend you this report.

Here is the report from Midge Lubot:

We have a new person at the meeting today, Joan Klappert<meklappert@gmail.com>. Geof was showing her how to download Google Earth.

Joan was asking about classes, but since Small Dog in Waitsfield, VT
referred her to our user group. Geof is explaining Work as to compared to
Microsoft Office. She is opening all of the programs to see how they work.

Airplay: you can send files between computers without hooking up. The bestway to move between apps is to hold the command key down & hit TAB. If you hold down the command key, TAB & hit ~ it will go backwards.

DELETE FILES: Go to finder, click GO & it will give you a list (it is also on the sidebar). These are your folders where things are saved in your accounts. Hit the shift key & click on the last one you want to delete, then hit COMMAND DELETE or you can drag to the trash can or under FINDER - FILE - Move to Trash. If you delete by mistake you can hit COMMAND Z (undo).

Big News: Kelly won a iPad mini retina from New England Cable News
Network (NECN) on their Facebook page! She bought a really nice Belkin
cover at Rite Aid in Newport; it has smart cover technology & shuts off the

iPad when she closes it.

Frada asked about MAIL.

You can have different views, you can have a list, you can have icons. You
can arrange the list in date order or alphabetical order. The third option is
the Cover Flow view, you can click on a folder & it will show you what is
listed in that.

Go to Finder, to File, New Folder (shift, command N), label it Web Receipts.
Save your invoice as a PDF & put it into your Web Receipts folder.

If you want more info on a file or application, click COMMAND I after it is highlighted.

If you go to ABOUT THIS MAC, under the Apple you can get your serial number, if you have 10.7 & above.

The Air uses less electricity than the MacBook Pro. 100,000 vs 270,000rewrites, it will last longer as the SSD will last longer than a regular hard drive.

PASSWORDS: COMMAND, SHIFT, U - KEYCHAIN ACCESS - all of your passwords can be shown.

Geof uses Pastor, Kelly uses Last Past to save their passwords for work &home.

Thanks Midge

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