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NVMUG August 2013 Meeting News

NVMUG August 10, 2013
Meeting room 224, Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital
St. Johnsbury, Vermont

The first thing on the agenda was a presentation by me, Hartley Jackson, on using the new Keynote Beta and how to create a Keynote presentation in iCloud.

I knew what I wanted to present, had prepared, and had practiced it, but I was so unexplainably anxious about it that I was shaking. Fortunately the members were understanding.

After some difficulty setting up, I showed a brief Keynote presentation of the Lyndonville Stars and Stripes parade. I had created it by using Safari on my MacBook to connect to iCloud, and opening Keynote Beta there. When finished in iCloud it displayed in the Keynote program on my Mac, and the Keynote Apps on my iPad, and iPod Touch. I used Safari to get iCloud and to select and display it using the iCloud Keynote Beta. The oCloud version did not support sound, at least in the Beta version.

I had copied this iCloud version, renamed the copy, and put this renamed copy into Keynote on my MacBook. Using Keynote on my MacBook I add suitable music from iTunes. I played this second Keynote of the Stars and Stripes parade at the meeting. Midge emailed me later,"I liked your presentation, the difference with the music was amazing."”

I used Safari to get back to iCloud. I found the presentation that I had made using Keynote Beta in iCloud to show how to use Keynote to create a Keynote presentation in iCloud. I had used <Shift - Command - Spacebar> to taken shots on my Mac screen of the windows containing examples of Keynote slides. I had saved them in order in a file on my Mac.

My hand was shaking. My fingers were sweating. When I tried to swipe up or down to see a different slide, my finger dragged the slide to a different spot instead. I hit Return instead of Space Bar to advance slides, and erased them.

I asked Stephen Farber to help me, but Time Machine had not made a backup of the usable presentation. I gave up on the presentation, but talked a little more about Keynote after I sat down.

Fortunately, I had originally planned the demonstration for two audiences: those at the meeting, and the those who only receive the newsletter. I have not written here what I said about how to create a Keynote presentation in iCloud using iCloud beta because I will be sending you that information in a separate report.

Though I did not have a back up of the Keynote presentation in Time Machine. I did have the images for the slides in a file numbered in their order on my MacBook . Later at home, it took only a few minutes to go to iCloud in Safari, and import and arrange the images. I added a new opening image of the first iCloud page, and modified some text. Then I clicked on my Time Machine icon at the top of the page and chose, "Back Up Now." One lesson learned.

I have tested an email of a pdf version of the Keynote presentation about creating a Keynote presentation which I will send you soon in a separate email. I plan to send the descriptive narrative that goes with the slides about how to create a Keynote presentation in iCloud in another email to keep the size of the emails within reason.



Barry Hayes,

Midge Lubot,

and Hartley Jackson

after the presentation.



Photo by Stephen Farber



I talked a little more about Keynote before we moved on to other topics.


Passwords, Keychain, and other topics

Tom Cuddihy, a long time member of NVMUG,Was a welcome addition to the meeting. He now lives in New Hampshire, is retired from teaching, and hopes to come to meetings more often.

Tom asked if the best way to managed user names and passwords might be to put them in a notebook and keep it in a drawer near your computer;

Midge Lubot said she keeps some of her passwords on her computer, and wondered if it would be better to print it. Stephen Farber exclaimed, "Oh, no!"




Stephen Farber


Stephen has worked with people who have lost their passwords. That is a big problem, especially when you lose your Apple ID passwords.


Senator Leahy at the Catamount Arts LeahyatCatamount400x300bGallery

All of the images were blurred. I selected the one that was closest to usable. I processed the original jpg image sharpening it in camera RAW in Photoshop to get this image good enough to keep

Midge showed me a picture taken some time ago of herself with Senator Leahy and his wife. I asked her to email me a copy.

Senator Leahy, Midge Lubot, and Mrs Leahy at a cancer survivors event


We discussed the future
of our nvmug.com web
page. We agreed that I
should get more
information for discussion
at next month's meeting.

When I find out what I can,
I will email you so we can
begin to talk about it.

I am preparing to send you a pdf version of the Keynote presentation on creating Keynote presentations, and a written narrative that should accompany the slides as they are displayed for an audience. They will probably be in two separate emails to keep the size of each email down.

Keynote could be used to create an outline when writing articles containing illustrations. It is easy to rearrange them as you reorganize your thoughts.

I may experiment with creating a Keynote presentation on my iPad. It will not be quite the same as working in iCloud on a Mac, but the results will be in iCloud. I would also like to experiment with creating a Keynote presentation on my Mac to explore more advanced features that are not possible in iCloud.

I hope to see you at next month’s meeting. If you have any thoughts about nvmug.com, please send them to me before the meeting or bring them to the meeting.

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