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NVMUG April 19, 2014 Meeting Report

Norhern Vermont Macintosh Use Group
Saturday, April 19, 2014
Meeting Room 224
Northeatern Vermont Regional Hospital
St. Johnsbury, Vermont

This was a wonderful meeting with 14 members present: Midge Lubot is our president, and Richard is her husband. Midge works at the Cancer Center and every time she sees someone come in with a Mac computer she tells them about NVMUG.


Frada Kaplan



Photos by
Midge Lubot



During introductions Frada said she was there because she had some
problems. She has Snow Leopard OSX 10.6l8 and has been on AOL since

Homer May said he grew a beard because he is going into hiding because
of his web site’s Live Free or die content. I said some people may not
agree with some of his views, but his NHnorthus is an example of a well
done, beautiful site, and is well worth looking at.

Bill German lives in New Hampshire, collects Macs and goes to flee
markets. Russel Carlson is from Monroe, New Hampshire, and Bruce
Shields is from Eden, Vermont. Gordon Alexander lives in Canada and
the U.S. and is a photographer for the Caledonian in his area.
Stephen Farber lives in Wolcott and helps people with computer

Geoff Gonter said he is a Mac-aholic. He works for a firm that
provides technical support for Macs and PC computers in schools. He
and Kelly Gonter just bought a house in Derby Line last week. Kelly
said, “The first thing you do when you have a problem is to reboot.”
Geof said that “65% of the time the problem then goes way."

BruceShields said he has trouble using things with different versions, for
example Windows on a Mac is is different than on a PC and he has to
use both.


Gordon Alexander, Tom Cuddihy, and Russell Carlson





It was wonderful the way people worked together to help Frada
with her problem.

Geoff Gonter and Stephen Farber both wanted to help. Geoff
generally gets up, pulls does the screen, and shows us all what to
do. Stephen generally goes to the person with the problem and either tells them what to do, or asks them for permission to
touch their computer to show them what to do. Stephen let
Geoff go ahead.!

Frieda said she would like photos on her Dock where she can
find them.


Geoff Gonter
looking at Frada’s Mac with Hartley

Photo by
Midge Lubot





I have never seen a computer screen like Frada's. On the
top it displayed "Pictures." The rest of the screen was full
of the file names of pictures. Geoff said there were about
10,000 of them.

Geoff hooked up his computer to show how it should look with the Pictures folder in the side bar, and all the pictures in the pictures folder.

Midge suggested that Geoff use Frada's computer to show us what
to do, and Geoff asked Frada if he could touch her computer, and
for permission to show her computer on the screen.!

Geoff discovered the reason for that huge number of pictures was
that many were names of caches, pictures that were stored on her
computer just to save the time of reloading them the next time she
went to that site. If you delete a cache image, the original is still on
the web site so you have not lost anything except the time it may
take for it to down load again.!

Geoff told Frada how she could drag her Pictures folder into her
sidebar, the way it is recommended, to easily find it. He told her
how to search for photos, and to hold down the control key and
click on the name to see where the file is located.

Frada said she would like to be able to look for pictures that she
could turn into photos. Kelly Gonter said she might mean looking
for thumbnails. Geoff said to go to where it says Show Text Only
and change it to Show Icons and Text.

Geof said pictures should really be set up in a Pictures folder. He
asked Frada for approval, then dragged her pictures file into her
side bar. He explained that the pictures had not really been moved.
This had created an alias in the recommended location where she
could quickly find her photos.

Frada had said she would like her pictures in the Dock. So Geoff
showed her where she could drag her pictures to to put their alias
in the Dock to the left of the trash can and to the right of the line
that separates anything else from the applications.!

In the Finder, Geoff pointed to the row with the icon view, list view,
next column view which was greyed out, and the black box with
lines on the side - the preview view. He then suggested search for
"All images."!

I had always gone to Spotlight to search for anything, but Geoff
was suggesting a search in the Finder. If you, like me, have not
been searching in the finder, it is amazing. You can search for ".jpg"
to see a list of all the .jpg images in your computer, and many other
interesting experiments.


Geoff Gonter, Frada Kaplan, and Hartley Jackson

Photo by
Midge Lubot




Bruce said he has trouble using things in different versions, for
example Windows on a Mac is different than on a PC and he has
to use both.

Stephen said he hates Oil of Olay. He called it, “The senior
citizen oil of old lady.” When it gets on a track pad, in his
opinion, it handles static electricity strangely. He cleans it with a
fine toothpick around edge of track pad. He sprays iKleen on a
cloth to clean the screen. Terry cloth detailing rags clean around
keys better than cotton. He cleans the outside of cases with
Magic Erasers. They also work well for the tops of keys.

After your search you can use the down arrow button to see
one image at a time. Click to view the image. Use command
delete if you want to delete it. Command delete is safer than
drag, and automatically moves to the next one in list.!

Geoff said it is school protocol if someone wants to see a
student’s file they have to get an administrator's approval. An
administrator has to accept responsibility if they have to go
in. As past of his repair and maintenance he has access, but is
bound to security by his contract with his company.

Geof said one good way some schools are getting rid of old
computers is giving them to schools in Africa.

Bruce turns off his machine when he is not using it so it won’t
be hacked. It is also better on his machine than leaving it on all
the time. Geoff said to shut it your Mac down for at least 90
seconds, or better 5 minutes, at least once a week.!

Homer asked about Google Plus. Google Plus is an enhanced
Google account where you can store items and get access to
Google and web pages - sort of like a FaceBook account. Kelly
said she did not like Google Plus.!

Someone said you should drag spam mail into the junk folder.
Then the next time it will automatically be put it into the junk

folder. You can drag it out of your junk and put it into your
inbox if you want to.

Geof hates Adobe Reader.and prefers Preview. He has Preview
on all the machines. He recommends using Preview to open
PDF’s that will not open otherwise. Control click on the PDF,
and select “Open with Preview.” If the PDF is on the desktop,
drag the PDF into Preview in your Dock. . Geof said Preview
can both open and annotate PDFs.!

Stephen said you can sort file types by kind, then select specific file types to save them as sorted.

Geof said most people run their computers as a Administrator.
This allows problems. It may be safer to set up a Guest account
and run as Guest.

If you get a message that there has been unusual activity on your online account or any web site that asks you to click on
this link to fix it, never click on the link. Go to the web site using its URL or some other means.

Someone recommended Mashable for computer news and updates. Check < http://mashable.com/ >.

I asked Geof whether it would would be much faster it would be if I upgraded from my Airport Express router to the Airport Extreme router. He explained that 3 times faster is a misnomer. The speed is limited by your connection. He said the biggest advantage of upgrading would be to get a better connection at a greater distance.

There is a way to find out your speed on the internet and to figure out just what the difference would be, but probably the upgrade, which would cost $199, would not be worth it for me.

Kelly said she used the Twitter TrendingFunction to get everyones’ thoughts during election debates, and won a contest on Facebook,

USB3 drives are very fast but do not work with the older USB connection. The USB3 connection is much smaller.

This was a great and fun meeting. I liked the way so many people worked together to try to help Frada, and the way everyone participated in sharing information and questions. At the end of the meeting, Frada thanked everyone.

But, I do not know where cache images from the web are stored on my computer, or how they got displayed in a picture file on Frada’s computer with her other pictures. I don’t know how you could move, hide, or get rid of

10,000 of them. It would take forever to edit them one at a time. And, Frada did not have a chance to try out the advice as it was given, to see how it is actually done, and to better remember it.

The purpose of these minutes is to report what happened at the meeting and provide useful Mac and Apple IOS device information. Any corrections that will make this information more accurate of more useful will be appreciated.

Click here to continue with a special photo addition to this report with photographs by Gordon Alexaner. I had asked him to be the photographer because Iforgot my camers.

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