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NVMUG Officers, VT Mac User Groups, and WiFi Locations

Send email to our officers at:

Midge Lubot. President

Richard Lubot, Treasurer

Geof Gonter, Newsletter Editor and Meeting Facilitator

WiFi Locations in the NVMUG Area:

Many locations now have access points for connection if you have a Xfinity account with Comcast. You will need to enter your username and password to access the point though.

St. Johnsbury Area

Box Car and Caboose on railroad street has tables and chairs where you can use our laptop and have coffee if you like.

The Black Bear Inn on Hastings Street has wireless.

The St. Johnsbury Welcome Center has wireless you can use, but you have to ask for the password

The Comfort Inn has a room off the library with wireless, mainly for guests, but they don't seem to bother anybody

Catamount Arts has wireless, but Berry Hayes said he thinks they have passworded it.

The Athenaeum has wireless. It is quite fast.

The Northern Vermont Regional Hospial has wireless which can be used in their library, some open waiting areas, and when in meetings in their meeting rooms. There is a password posted behind the information desk, but it doesn't seem to be necessary.




The Freight House restaurant has tables where you can use your laptop and have coffee, a snack, or ice cream if you like.

Cobleigh Library on Depot Street has wireless and computers for providing training and public use. You can bring in your laptop, or use it in your car outside. Ask about their free book download service called Listen Up Vermont.

You can generally get broadband service by sitting at the front table at Sweet Basil. It is not their wireless subscription, but it usually works fine and the food is good.

There is public-access wireless at Lyndon State College-the whole campus seems to be accessible, but Gene Levine usually uses the library's main reading room. Gene said the service is now passworded, so you might ask at the library. There are other private and semi-private rooms you can use, and it may work down in the stacks too. They give priority to college connections, so if you download too much at one time, your connection my be throttled down.


East Burke

Bailey's, downtown on route 114, has a computer you can use, or bring in your laptop and have a coffee or something to eat if you like. If you have trouble with the wireless, look for the blue cable coming off the router; you can use that for a faster and more reliable connection.


The Hardwick public library has wireless which is not password protected so you can pull up outside and check email.

Newport Area, including Derby

The Goodrich Memorial Library

The Tasting Center

Pie and Pasta in Derby



Hoagies in Newport and Derby

Eastside Resturant

Lagos Trattoria


Montgomerys Cafe (Has many USB outlets at some tables)

Hebard Building - 1st floor





Price Chopper

Derby Line

The Haskell in Derby Line

The Irving station


The Dailey Library



Littleton, NH

Most of downtown Littleton has Wi-Fi, and people have been seen using laptops in the Miller's Cafe and Bakery when it is not their rush hour.




99 Restaurant


Burger King



Home Depot

Lancaster, NH


If you know of other Wi-Fi sites in the Northeast Kingdom or border New Hampshire or Quebec cities, we would like to add them to this list.

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