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Get Your Photography on the Web

pics1104YourPhotoWebGet Your Photography On The Web
Author: Rafael “RC” Conception
Publisher: Kelly Media, Peachpit Press
221 pages … $39.99
ISBN-13: 978-0-321-75393-9
The fastest, easiest way to show and sell your work

Here are clear step-by-step instructions for getting a web site and name, for preparing your images to look their best, for protecting your images, preparing your site and adding content and promoting your site including using social media including Facebook and Twitter and adding web galleries. If you want to promote and sell your photographs on the web, this is the one reference you need to do it. With Get Your Photography On The Web, you can do it.

In clear writing and with many illustrations, “RC” provides instructions for photographers, who are not experts with computers, on how they can quickly and economically get their images one the Internet to promote and sell their work. I also recommend Get Your Photography On The Web for anyone who wants their photos to look their best in any online gallery or sites like Facebook or YouTube.

“RC” is concerned about keeping your costs down. He recommends GoDaddy.com to register your domain name and as you web site host beginning with their small site which costs only about $48 for a year. He provides instructions for getting your photographs ready using Photoshop or Elements, and for using the free open source Wordpress for creating your site. 

The clear listing of steps with good illustrations make the instructions easy to follow.

PeachpitI did, however, have to look up instructions for moving parts of an image on a layer in another reference to complete the steps for creating a watermark in Photoshop and Elements. Most photographers would already know how to do that.

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