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Take Control of Using Mountain Lion


pics120806TCUsingMtnLion160x136Take Control of Using Mountain Lion 1.1
Author: Matt Neuburg
Publisher: TidBITS
203 pages …$15
ISBN: 978-1-61542-410-8

Take Control of Using Mountain Lion describes Mountain Lion as a tool and contains information about this tool that you probably will not find anywhere else. I did not fully appreciate Take Control of Using Mountain Lion until I started reading it from this perspective.

It is like a book about a jig saw as a tool, about changing the blade in the jig saw, choosing the blade with the right teeth for your work, whether the saw should be held vertical to the wood or at an angle to it. It would not be like other jig saw books about how to cut a board.

Mountain Lion is, after all, a tool, and Take Control of Using Mountain Lion is about the new changes in Lion and Mountain Lion, and about understanding, adjusting, and using Mountain Lion as a tool. As a result you will become a more proficient and more productive user.

After the Introduction, I began reading Mountain Lion Quick Start to get up and running more quickly with the intention of going back to read the full book later.

Mountain Lion Quick Start has links to how to suspend Spotlight and automatic updates until you have made other changes. Then it has links making adjustments to your work environment with the organization of our preferences, your dock, your scroll bars, and your monitor display. Then it explores the new features of Mountain Lion, followed by the new features of Lion. It ends with “Do these things as needed or as time permits.”

You might want, instead, to begin reading the excellent chapter “Know What’s New” which contains links to information about the tools that are new in Mountain Lion and those that were new in Lion. This is the only place where Matt Neuburg discusses some of the innovations.

If I were doing it again, I would read items 1 and 2 under Mountain Lion Quick Start, then read Know What's New, before returning to Mountain Lion Quick Start to finish my initial setup.

I was impressed by the amount and depth of the information in Take Control of Mountain Lion. One example is Matt Neuburg's explanation of the difference between information saved in files and the information saved in applications.

I liked when Neuburg tells you how what the different settings do, he often tells you the settings he uses, and suggests that you choose what works best for you. As an example he tells you how to control click to set the options for displaying the contents of a folder in the dock, and his choice to view as list (I left it as automatic.) Then he adds, “I never click a stack’s Dock icon. I always Command-click it, to reveal the folder in the finder.”

TakeControlbadgeI will return to Take Control of Using Mountain Lion to reread chapters as appropriate, and as a reference. I would have given it five stars if I had started with this perspective of Mountain Lion as a tool.

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