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Take Control of Upgrading to Mountain Lion




pics120729TCUpgradeMtnLionTake Control of Upgrading to Mountain Lion
Author: Joe Kisell
Publisher: TidBITS
168 pages … $15.00
ISBN: 978-1-61542-409-2



If you haven't already upgraded to Mountain Lion, I recommend that you take just a little longer to read Take Control of Upgrading to Mountain Lion by Joe Kissell from TidBITS. In my judgement, it contains everything you need to know to before, during, and after upgrading, even including Boot Into Recovery Mode. With this information you can make better informed decisions about your upgrade experience.

You can do an upgrade of your Mac to be just like it is except for having Mountain Lion, or you can clean it up a bit, so it will be like a new clean Mac with the new operating system. It can be more like Christmas.

If you are at all nervous about upgrading, by reading Take Control of Upgrading to Mountain Lion you can make your decisions with confidence. The information is well organized, clear, and easy to understand with just the right amount of joe Kissell's personal recommendations.

If you are experienced, Take Control of Upgrading to Mountain Lion could serve as a checklist to make sure you do not overlook anything. It probably contains some good information and ideas that you might otherwise have overlooked.

TakeControlbadgeI did find that my AppCleaner application worked so you could add it to the list of uninstaller utilities on page 56.


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