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Take Contol of Safari 6

pics121001TCSafari6Take Control of Safari 6
Author: Sharon Zardetto
Publisher: TidBITS Publishing Inc.
143 pages … $15.00
ISBN: 978-1-61542-411-5


Reading Take Control of Safari 6 will increase your appreciation for Safari.

One of our user Macintosh group members wrote that he would probably have to change browsers. He was so disappointed when Safari 6 did not contain the SnapBack icon to jump back to Google search results, and some other changes.

If you are not totally thrilled with the new Safari 6, read Take Control of Safari 6 by Sharon Zardetto. You will learned about the wonderful new things that Apple added in Safari 6 like using the new address field to load a page if it recognizes the URL, or to start a Google search and see a drop down list of suggestions.

You will learn about new and old ways to work faster and better with Tab View, and about how to share Tabs with your other devices in iCloud.

You will learn how to use the new Share button to share URLs or whole web pages, and how to add items to the wonderful Reading List to read off-line or to store for future reference. You will learn how to share a web page as a link only, as a web page, as a Reader, web page, or as a PDF.

You will increase your appreciation for Safari when you read Take Control of Safari 6 and learn how to look up your user names and passwords, and you learn to add extensions to customize your experience with Safari 6.

Sharon Zardetto writes and explains well. I had no problems when trying what I was learning on my Mac.

But, it did take much longer than I expected before I felt I could write this review because there is so much to lean about Safari and Safari 6 in Take Control of Safari 6.

OReillyugad125lemurIf Apple does not restore the SnapBack button in an update to Safari 6, I believe most people will willingly select History > Search Results SnapBack to jump back to the Google search page rather than give up the wonderful things they will have learned to do by reading Sharon Zardetto’s Take Control of Safari 6.

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