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Take Control of Your Paperless Office


pics1105PaperlessOfficeTake Control of Your Paperless Office
Author: Joe Kissell
Publisher: TIDBITS Publishing Inc.
118 pages … $10
ISBN: 978-1-61542-094-0

If you have ever wondered what going paperless would be like, how you reduce your reliance on paper copies of everything, or how you could eliminate some of your paper handling, Take Control of Your Paperless Office is a book you should read. It is interesting, and covers many things I bet you never thought of.

Author Joe Kissell has solved most of the problems. He writes, “By carefully examining where and how you use paper and looking for suitable digital alternative, you’ll find that your productivity and happiness increase, while clutter and stress decrease. You might even save some money and benefit the environment.”

Virtually every paper document that comes into his life is scanned, converted to a searchable format, and digitally archived—so he can find nearly any document he needs with a few keystrokes.

When you scan documents, most scanning software saves the results as PDF Image Only documents. You need a second optical character recognition, OCR, pass to add an invisible layer of text that you can search, select, and copy just like the text in a normal searchable image PDF format. The scanner is your biggest investment.

In Take Control of Your Paperless Office you will learn how to choose a document scanner (double sided not photographic to save time), and to choose OCR software to create searchable PDF documents.

Take Control of Your Paperless Office includes guidance on just about everything you will need to know including deciding planning that fits your needs OCR when you are not in your office, avoiding common printing needs, signed documents without paper, and fax without paper.

To reduce your reliance on paper, save your paper filing space, take advantage of digital indexing or your information, or whatever you want to do, a good way to start is by putting Take Control of Your Paperless Office on your iPad.

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