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Take Control of Apple Mail in Lion

pics120719TCMailinLionTake Control of Apple Mail in Lion
Author: Joe Kissell
Publisher: TidBITS Publishing, Inc
147 pages … $15.00
ISBN; 978-1-61542-407-8

In my opinion, Joe Kissell, the author of Take Control of Apple Mail in Lion, has succeeded in his goal to provide clear, helpful explanations of how to perform the most important tasks in Mail.

His organization of the material and his hyperlinks lets us learn in our own most effective way.

Each chapter is about a topic you will want to learn, but not necessarily in order. Each one begins with a brief helpful description of what it is about with links to important key interesting items within the chapter

Quick Start to Controlling Apple Mail contains links to the key information you need to quickly start setting up, reading, creating, and organizing email.

The writing in Take Control of Apple Mail in Lion is clear and conversational. You will understand what your need to know about Pop, IMAP, and iCloud Accounts. Yellow paragraphs alert you to especially interesting and important information and tips.

I found information that I might never have discovered by myself such as how a hand appears to extract a single message from within a conversation. (Tip: To open a single message from a conversation in a separate window, move your pointer over the horizontal line dividing the message header from the message content. When the hand appears, double-click. ) Would you think to use Command-equal sign and Command-dash to zoom in and out?

You will learn about new things in Take Control of Apple Mail in Lion, like the Archive command which fits well with Joe Kissell’s suggestion for keeping emails,. There are hyperlinks to other sources of information such as his award winning article about organizing to get email out of the inbox. You will also learn how Address Book and iCal work with Mail.

II may never, learn all that is in Take Control of Apple Mail in Lion, but I do have a list of improvements I will make in my email including cleaning up my recipients and editing my Composing Preferences, and I have a reference in which I can quickly find what more I need to know about Mail.

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