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Take Control of iWeb v1.1

pics1104iWeb09Take Control of iWeb v1.1
Author: Steve Sande
Publisher: TidBits Publishing
165 pages … $15
ISBN: 978-1-93367-158-1
For users of both iLife ’09 and iLife ’11

Steve Sande wrote:

“In this book, I take you on a journey of discovery. I briefly explore the past so you can see what a powerful tool iWeb is, and then you can follow along as I build a Web site step by step using iWeb.

If you’ve never made a Web site before, you’ll be thrilled with how easily you can organize your words and images and have iWeb turn them into a beautiful work of art. Experienced Web designers will be happy with the ways iWeb works with the rest of the iLife suite to create vibrant Web sites full of text, sound, video, and photography.”

I found that you will also learn how to add a Blog and/or a Podcast to your iWeb site, create an online movie theater, or add a Keynote on a page. If you do not want to use MobileMe, new FTP capabilities in iWeb make it easier to use other hosts. (Some of the iWeb built in features such as the hit counter only work on MobileMe, but commercial use is not permitted on MobileMe.) 

In this update of Take Control of iWeb, Steve Sande has added new tips including how to embed a Keynote presentation in an iWeb page, include a Google Calendar, and design for Mobile devices.


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