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Mac OS X Snow Leopard

The Missing Manual

pics091022SnowLeopMissingMac OS X Snow Leopard the missing manual
Author: David Pogue
Publisher: Pogue/O’Reilly
885 pages ….. $34.99
ISBN: 978-0-596-15328-1
The book that should have been in the box

This is the best Mac OS X Missing Manual ever because it has Snow Leopard Spots that describe new Snow Leopard features where they are appropriate throughout the book. They add new information and interest, increasing the appeal of the book.

How quickly you can find the information you need, assuming you can find it, is an important criteria for a good manual. Mac OS X Snow Leopard The Missing Manual is well organized with an excellent index and appendix. It took almost no time at all to find the answer for one of our user group members who wants to record radio music in iTunes. A highlighted Gem In The Rough about the Internet Radio and Podcasts said, “There is no easy way without add-on software.”

The Mac OS Missing Manuals have been best selling Mac books in part because the the illustrations and text work together to help you do things.

For example, in the chapter about the new QuickTime a small paragraph tells you how to record sound through a microphone. Right next to it an illustration shows you the drop down menu used. I had no problem following the instructions to record my voice. However, I could not record the sound of the radio playing in iTunes by placing the speaker in front of the microphone. The horrible sound verified that, “There is no easy way without add-on software.”

Mac OS X Snow Leopard has all the Notes, Tips, and humor that we expect in David Pogue’s Missing Manuals. It is comprehensive and eminently useful as a reference to find what you need when you need it, and for learning how to do things in Snow Leopard. It is so well written that, unlike most manuals, you will look forward to reading more.

Some of you may also want tutorials with step by step instructions to create specific products. Others may want books on special topics with more illustrations.

OReillyBanner120x240For example, this book provides all the information I needed to make a movie of my MacBook screen complete with my vocal narrative. It even advised me to use my earphones to adjust my voice level. However, a special lesson could reduce the amount of experimentation and practice it will take to really do it right.

However, tutorials and collections of special lessons cannot provide all the information we need and that can be found here. We need a manual.

Thankfully, the manual was not in the box because we have Mac OS X Snow Leopard The Missing Manual by David Pogue instead.

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