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Real World Digital Photography
Third Edition

pics1108DigitalPhotography1Real World Digital Photography, Third Edition
Author: Katrina Eismann, Sean Duggan, and Tim Grey
Publisher: Peachpit Press
575 pages. $59.99
ISBN-13: 978-0-321-70099-5
Industrial-Strength Digital Photography Techniques

Whether you are new and want to learn about digital photography, are experienced and would like to learn more, or want a refresher - reference book I recommend Real World Digital Photography.

Part 1: Digital Photography Essentials includes three chapters:
Chapter 1 Nuts and Bolts of Digital Imaging
Chapter 2 How a Digital Camera Works
Chapter 3 Essential Accessories

Here you will find things like:

“While we do our "serious" photography with DSLR cameras, none of us would be without our compact digital camera.”

“In our experience, slowing down is one of the best ways to refine your images.” This is one of the advantages of using a tripod.

One of their most highly recommended accessories is a circular ring polarizer. If your camera is not set for filter rings, rotate them in front of your eye to see the effect, and hold it tight to your lens.

Part 2: Digital Photography Techniques includes three chapters:
Chapter 4 Digital Photography Foundations
Chapter 5 Seeing the Light
Chapter 6 Multiple Exposures and Extending the Frame

Here you will find things like:

“Photography is point of view, framing, and timing.”

Why it may be better to use an exposure adjustment of + ⅓ rather instead of -`/3, and ways to use the histogram.

Understanding color temperature and the color temperature your eyes usually adjust to.

Tonal range and incorporating Photomerge as a tool in normal photography.

As I hope these examples illustrate, Real World Digital Photography contains a tremendous amount of practical information you can use to improve your photography. This review is already too long so I will not provide examples from the equally informative remaining two parts with their four chapters.

Part 3: Digital Darkroom includes:
Chapter 7 Building a Digital Darkroom
Chapter 8 Working in the Darkroom

PeachpitPart 4: Output, Manage, and Present
Chapter 9 From Capture to Monitor to Print
Chapter 10 The Digital Portfolio

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