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Photoshop CS5 The Missing Manual

pics1007CS5MissingManualPhotoshop CS5 The Missing Manual
Author: Lesa Snider
Publisher: O’Reilly Media/Pogue Press
816 pages … $49.99, Ebook $39.99
Print ISBN: 078-1-4493-8168-4
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-4493-8170-7

Photoshop CS5 The Missing Manual is the book you should buy first and will refer to most often.

It is well and clearly written so that you don’t need to read some other book to understand this one. Excellent and complete tutorials teach you how to use the most important tools. It is well organized and referenced so you can find what you need to know when you need it, It is also interesting and pleasant reading.

You will refer to Photoshop CS5 The Missing Manual the most because it covers all the Photoshop concepts and information you need, and because it is so well organized. There is a special listing for photographers of the material they will need.

Part one, The Basics, begins with the information you need for working with workspaces, panels, and documents, and then moves into the basic photoshop concepts of layers, selections, and color channels. All are covered simply and clearly.

OReillyBanner120x240The chapter on Selections begins with selection by color using the Quick Selection Tool with a tutorial including the new Refine Edge so that you not only understand it, you can do it. Then it describes how you can use selections by shape and add and subtract selected areas.

Part two, Editing Images, covers editing images; cropping, combining, changing color, Photoshopping people, and sharpening. Part three, The Artistic Side of Photoshop, covers painting, drawing, typography, and filters. Part four is Printing and the Web. Part five, Photoshop Power, covers working with actions and plug-ins. There is is a five part appendix and the usual fine Missing Manual index.

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