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Pages for iPad

Pages for iPad Visual QuickStart Guide
Author; Nolan Hester
Publisher: Peachpit Press
133 pages … $19.99
ISBN: 978-0-321-75138-6
Getting up and running in no time!pics1011PagesiPad

I requested Pages for iPad Quick Start Guide for our Macintosh user group raffle. When it arrived, my wife, Dona, saw it and started reading because she has a new iPad with the Pages app. She liked the book and was thrilled by what she learned Pages could do. She wanted the book, and did not want to wait to see if I was the lucky winner in the raffle. So I bought Pages for iPad.

Pages for iPad Quick Start Guide has 9 chapters, each about things you will want to do such as Chapter 3: Creating Documents.

Each chapter contains a list of its contents, such as Creating a New Document. It is easy to find what you want to learn. There is also a good index if you need it. Then the content, Creating a New Document, describes in words and pictures the steps to create a blank document and the steps to use a document template. It is clear and simple.

Each chapter concludes with Putting It All Together, a summary listing of what you learned in that chapter.

There is also a Pages for iPad companion web site containing news such as Pages for iPad updates, example files, and any correction that are posted.

PeachpitIt is a quick and easy way to learn to use the marvelous tools and tricks in Pages for iPad Quick Start Guide. My wife can hardly wait until next month when she will be able to can print directly from Pages in her iPad to our printer.

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