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OS X Mountain Lion: The Missing Manual

pics120816MountainLionOS X Mountain Lion: The Missing Manual
Author: David Pogue
Publisher: Pogue Press /O’Reilly Media
882 pages … $34.99
ISBN: 978-1-449-33027-9

OS X Mountain Lion: The Missing Manual is better than any of the best selling OS X Missing Manuals before it.

Mountain Lion is based upon Lion. The Pogue Press - O’Reilly team was able to bring OS X Mountain Lion: The Missing Manual to us much sooner because it is based upon Mac OS X Lion: The Missing Manual. Words and images are not changed where there was no reason to change them.

I believe it is the best in part because it begins with Chapter 0, a tutorial. This tutorial clearly and simply walks you through how Apple designers want you to work with Lion and Mountain Lion. You will work with gestures on the trackpad, with the launchpad, and in full screen mode so you concentrate on your subject. You will be in control of what is on your screen with Mission Control. You can decide for yourself whether you like this new way of working, and when it will work best for you. I am learning and finding I like to work this way.

The Missing Manuals have been famous for their many interesting and useful tips. With the features added in Lion and Mountain Lion there seem to be many more of them. I counted 79 tips in the first 100 pages.

OS X Mountain Lion The Missing Manual is written in David Pogue’s clear and reader friendly style. It has Pogue’s sense of humor. It probably helps that he doesn’t type his books, he talks them into his computer. This time he was able to talk about dictation in Mountain LIon.

There are many very good well labeled illustrations that help to clarify the narrative. I like the style in the one showing what happens when you click the minimize button which was retrained from Mac OS X Lion as well as the new ones created for OS X Mountain Lion: The Missing Manual.

When I bought the initial ebook release of this book, many of the hyperlinks for the index were not yet there. They are in the current free update. You have to admire the way that David Pogue and his team with O’Reilly publishing managed to create and publish such an informaton packed book with over 800 pages as quickly as they did.

It will take me much longer to finish reading OS X Mountain Lion: The Missing Manual. I am looking forward to studying one subject at a time, and to referring to this manual as my primary source when I have questions or need help.

OReillyBanner470x60I have already used it as a reference to answer a question brought up at our Macintosh User Group meeting.

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