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OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide

pics120821OSXMoutainLionGuideOS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide
Author: Chris Seibold
Publisher: O'Reilly
252 pages … $14.99
ISBN: 978-1-449-33032-3
The Ultimate Quick Guide to OS X

This quick guide provides basic information to help you get started with OS X Mountain Lion with its many features, and the applications that came with it. I found many useful simple tips that I probably would not have found anywhere else. it includes trouble shooting help if there are problems.  It held my interest, and inspired me to explore more of the features in Mountain Lion. I enjoyed Chris Seibold's writing and humor.

The only error I fond is in the Preface.  It is neither damaging nor a detraction because it makes an interesting story. Chris Seibold tells us that Dawn Mann edited this entire book using only Quick Look and Messages.  The error, "For example, if you click the File menu while running TextEdit, you'll see a long sequence of symbols for the "Paste and Match Stye" shortcut, as shown in Figure P-1.  The illustration shows the File menu, but Paste and Match Style is not there because it is in the Edit menu.. It makes you wonder about how the Quick Look and Messages  process worked, and whether that had anything to do with the one error.

There are many more good tips than I expected in a pocket guide. Here are just three examples:

For many years there has been a special program to compress files and folders into zip files. One of the many tips in OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide is how simple and quickly you can do it in Mountain Lion.

I was learning to work the way Apple wants us to using Mountain Lion, but something was not working right and I had to turn my second monitor off.  OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide has the explanation.

OS X Mountain Lion provides help in password management, and how you may be able to find that password you forgot. 

I recommend OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide by Chris Seibold for some darn good reading, information, and inspiration. OReillyBanner470x60It is a small guide to the care, feeding, and use of OS X Mountain Lion for beginners to experts.

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