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Master Your Mac


pics121114MasterYourMacMaster Your Mac
Author Matt Cone
Publisher No Starch Press
144 pages… $29.95 Print book and free Ebook
… $23.95 Ebook (PDF, Mobi, and ePub)
ISBN: 978-1-59327-406-1
Simple Ways to Tweak, Customize, and Secure, OS X

Master Your Mac is a well written book for intermediate and advanced Mac users to enjoy while improving their MacBook proficiency and productivity. It is for users who are not afraid to go beyond what you read in most other Mac books, and it does not read like a manual.

Master Your Mac contains clear instructions for 38 interesting and useful projects. The projects are grouped into seven parts: Basics, Productivity, Automation, Managing Your Life, Internet and Networks, Serious Security, and Monitoring, Trouble Shooting, and Maintenance.

Each project begins with a statement of what it is about and why you would want to do it. Next there is a list of the references it uses. Most projects begin using resources available in your Mac OS X, and then go beyond to what more you can do with additional resources. The list includes the URLs to obtain more resources and more information about them. The list indicates if they are free, or an indicator ($, $$, or $$$) of how much they cost,

Each project ends with Matt Cone’s interesting “Additional Ideas.”

I like Matt Cone’s writing style and the inclusion of his personal opinions. As an example his list of “Best OS X Shortcuts” includes several that I was not aware of and will use in the future. It also includes references I can use to find other shortcuts that I might like.

I finished his project on Maintaining a MacBook's Battery, and I am sure my MacBook appreciates it. The instructions were clear and not at all difficult to follow, though I was a little nervous doing it.

I requested this copy to review for my Mac Users Group. I have been reading through it, and have made a list of the projects I most want to do first. I am eager to get started on them, but I want to finish this review while it still may be useful.

I highly recommend Master Your Mac for intermediate and advanced Mac users. I believe you will find the projects interesting, and that they will improve your Macintosh experience.

If you are not sure if you are an intermediate user you will probably be OK if you back up first, and are careful following the instructions, but you might want to get some help before tackling anything you do not understand.

For more information or to buy a copy go to www.nostarch.com, or you can use your user group discount at O'Reilly.com.

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