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Mac OS X Lion: Peachpit Learning Series

pics1111MacOSXLionPeachpitMac OS X Lion: Peachpit Learning Series
Author: Robin Williams with John Tollett
Publisher: Peachpit Press
460 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0-321-77701-0
A Quick Reference Guide to Mastering Your Mac!

Mac OS X Lion: Peachpit Learning Series begins with good brief instructions in the basics for new Mac users, and some basic changes in Lion of interest to all Mac users. It encourages you to explore to learn more, but to leave the libraries alone.

The topics are presented in clear interesting bits and liberally sprinkled with delightful little tips that make it fun to read.

The largest portion of the book is devoted to "Mac OS X Applications in Lion." This section begins with information general to all applications. Then it shows how to use the important applications and their new features that come with Lion beginning with Text Edit. I learned that Text Edit has become a much more useful and powerful application. It might make sense to start writing with it even if you intend to finish your project in a page layout program like Pages. Beginning with Text Edit is an excellent way to begin learning how to use Mac OS X Lion apps.

Mac OS X Lion: Peachpit Learning Series then teaches you Mail which has become a much more integrated and useful tool in Lion. You will learn to use the advantages of this integration in Lion applications, and then move on to the other Lion applications. You learn Lion as you learn to use the applications, and your appreciation for Lion grows.

You are taught to explore and enjoy finding more tips by yourself.

After much more about Lion applications, Mac OS X Lion also has sections on "Making It Your Own Mac" to fit it your Mac to the way you want to work.

The book concludes with "Tech Stuff" about sharing files, about trouble shooting, and general, "Tech Stuff."

PeachpitI cannot imagine anyone who buys this book being disappointed.

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