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The Macintosh iLife ’09

pics090707MaciLife09The Macintosh iLife ’09
Author: Jim Heid
Publisher: Peachpit Press
403 pages $39.99
ISBN-13: 978-0-321-60134-6
A visual guide to iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand, and iWeb
New edition of the top-selling book on Apple iLife

In 2002 Jim Heid created his winning format in The Macintosh Digital Hub. That was before Apple brought iTunes, iPhoto, iMoviE, and iDVD together and Jim Heid created The Macintosh iLife. Since then it has become the best selling iLife book.

I have The Macintosh iLife ’06, a 397 page book covering iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie HD, iDVD, GarageBand, and iWeb. I would not part with it, unless of course it was to get The Macintosh iLife ’09.

The Macintosh iLife ’09 covers all the many improvements in iPhoto and Digital Photography, iMovie: Making Movies, iDVD: Putting it All Together, GarageBand: Music Podcasts, and More, and iWeb: Your World on the Web. iTune is no longer included in The Macintosh iLife ’09. For over 100 active visual tutorials that Jim Heid helped develop, the book refers you to Apple’s iLife Web site, www.apple.com/ilife.

With this history, i believe there is no question that this will be a best selling book. Given that I would only have it for two weeks to study it in my spare time before including it in our user group raffle. I decided first to see what I could learn about using iPhoto Events, Faces, and Places to better organize my photo files. Then I kept getting sidetracked from learning to using what I was learning to work on my photos. This was great for helping to organize my files, but not for preparing a review.

I found that there is much too much in iPhoto for me to learn all of the new stuff in two weeks. Because I have been working in Photoshop, I particularly appreciated his Using iPhoto with Photoshop in which he tells us “that’s what I do.”

I would like to increase my use of the other iLife programs. I could experiment with using my digital camera’s ability to take movies with iMovie, and maybe combine still and movie shots on a short movie. I would like to learn more about GarageBand, and maybe learn something about PeachpitBanner250x60music as well. There is oh so much to learn, and to do in iLife, and this book may be the best single guide to learning and doing it.

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