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Author: Matt Kloskowski
Publisher: Peachpit Press
254 Pages …. $39.99
ISBN-13: 978-0-321-53416-3
The complete guide to Photoshop’s Most Powerful Feature

"Layers" is an excellent book for anyone using Photoshop CS2 or newer.

You will want to use this book at your computer doing the tutorials. You can download and work with the images used in the book. Then practice on your own images. You can also see online tutorials for Chapters 1 and 5.

The first chapter is for beginners or anyone else who wants a clear understanding of what layers are and how to use them. Tutorials teach you layer basics, using multiple layers, and more features of layers that will contain somethings that more experienced users probably do not know.

The next four chapters consist of tutorials with all you need to know about blending layers, adjustment layers, layer masks, and type and shape layers. Here I learned how to use the great Paste Into command.

The tutorials in chapters 6 and 7 cover enhancing and retouching photos beyond the basics with layers. Among other things you will learn to do selective sharpening, boost specific colors, and smooth and enhance skin.

You do not need to work through "Layers" in sequence. It is OK to skip to a tutorial that fits your present need or interest. But Matt suggests that if there is anything you do not understand in chapter six, go back to the earlier chapters.

The last two chapters cover layer styles and the newer smart layers.

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