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iPhone Photography & Video for Dummies

pics1011iPhonePhotoforDummiesiPhone Photography & Video for Dummies
Author; Angelo Micheletti
Publisher: Wiley
256 pages … $19.99
ISBN: 978-0-470-64364-8

Here is a brief glimpse of some of the iPhone Photography & Video for Dummies contents, which I believe is as good as any review I might write.

“First and foremost there is no amount of reading that can substitute for getting out and using your iPhoto camera.”

“As a professional photographer, I’ve learned, the hard way, I might add) that anytime you leave your cameral at home, you’ll need it to capture a spectacular scene you’ve never before witnessed. It’s a solid gold, guaranteed, take-it-to-the-bank fact.”

“Being the first step, it is imperative that you capture the image properly. Attempting to fix a poorly taken photo later is usually a lost cause. In this book, I help you maximize the quality of the photo to start with.”

“In this book, I show you how to use your environment, lighting, and equipment to ensure you capture (digitally) what you see with your eyes. Key areas I discuss include

• Understanding the photographic and video capabilities of the iPhone camera and its interface

• Adjusting to your photographic environment

• Using iPhoto ’09 to enhance your photos, import photos to your iPhone, and export photos from your iPhone.

• Improving your chances of capturing the scene you want via iPhone accessories that provide a stable camera platform, external lighting, and so on. Of course, if you have iPhone 4, you have a built-in flash to work with, too.

• iPhone apps that make your photos more professional looking

• Searching the many apps available in the App Store

• Making electronic photo sharing easier and more fun”

Traditionally For Dummies books end with a Part of Tens. So, this one ends with ten terrific Web resources and software add-ons, and ten helpful hints and shortcuts.

For more information or to buy iPhone Photography & Video for Dummies go to Dummies.com

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