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iPod Touch Pocket Guide

pics1103iPodTouchPocketThe iPod Touch Pocket Guide Second Edition
Author: Christopher Breen
Publisher: Peachpit Press
299 pages … $14.99
ISBN-13: 978-0-321-74128-8
Ginormous knowledge, pocket-sized

I read The iPod Touch Pocket Guide to see if it would help me decide whether I want to buy an iPad or an iPod Touch or neither. 

This book appears to be a good guide to using the iPod Touch. It describes the applications in the iPod Touch and instructions in how to use them.

Some features may be great or a nightmare depending if you know the tricks for using them. 

As one example, it is difficult to type the period and space at the end of a sentence because it involves switching from the alphabet keyboard to a symbols keyboard and back again. It is much easier if you know that typing two spaces at the end of a sentence inserts the period and a space and shifts so the next letter will be capitalize.

Another example which Christopher Breen credits to David Pogue is to insert one digit or punctuation symbol, tap and hold the number-punctuation icon, drag to the punctuation or digit you want, and let go to select it. That sure beats switching to the number-punctuation keyboard, keying the number and digit, then switching back to the standard keyboard.

You might want to read this handy little book if you just want to learn what an iPod Touch can do and get a better feeling for if you should buy one. You might want to own The iPod Touch Pocket Guide if you own an iPod Touch to learn more about using it.

But, if you can’t decide whether you want an iPod Touch or iPad you probably should go to an Apple store and try both of them. Just don’t take enough money to buy both.

PeachpitFor more information or to buy this book go to http://www.peachpit.com

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