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The Information Diet


pics1201InformationDietThe Information Diet
Author: Clay A. Johnson
Publisher: O’Reilly Media
160 pages … $22.99
ISBN: 976-1-449-30468-3
A Case for Conscious Consumption

I decided to read The Information Diet because I was gulping down more information from my computer and iPad than I could digest, and still not finding and effectively using information that I needed. I needed help.

I became enthusiastic when I read Clay’s comparison of food diets and information diets, and the impact of poor diets on me, and on our society.

I found answers I need, and discovered that my reduced attention span was probably not just old age.

Clay A. Johnson tells the fascinating and exciting history of similar changes that have occurred in manufacturing of food and of information and what they mean to our health. It reveals the importance of controlling our information diet with the same concern that we apply to our food diet.

I am starting today to follow The Information Diet, beginning with an inventory, and then developing my program to manage my computer information diet. I hope to get the same healthy benefits as I get from attention to my food diet.

I believe you will enjoy reading The Information Diet as I did. I liked the combination of the information for us as individuals and the broad scope of the book for us as a society.

The Information Diet could be a start to restoring and preserving a more effective democracy with a pragmatic government. I would like to see it being read in every high school as a means of improving future thinking and communications for our information diet.


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