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The Macintosh iLife '09 in the Classroom


pics090804iLifeClassroomThe Macintosh iLife '09 in the ClassroomAuthors: Jim Heid and Ted Lai 
Publisher: Peachpit Press
491 pages … $49.99
ISBN-13: 978-0-321-60133-9
New teacher’s edition of the top-selling book on Apple iLife

Peachpit Press has inserted a complete “The Macintosh iLife ’09” by Jim Heid in the middle of book about using the Macintosh iLife ’09 in the classroom by Ted Lai.

Jim Heid is the author of the top selling Macintosh iLife book. He also helped Apple develop their excellent tutorials which he refers to in the book http://www.apple.com/ilife/tutorials/ and maintains a companion web site at http://www.macilife.com/

The Macintosh iLife ’09 shows how to use and get more use out of the integrated iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand, and iWeb. applications. It has become the best selling iLife book because it is very good. After reviewing the book for our Macintosh user group, I bought it. I am currently enjoying using it to increase my use of my photos, and recommend it highly. You probably have read about “The Macintosh iLife ’09” in other reviews or have seen earlier versions of this fine book.

Ted Lai is the Director of Technology and Media Services at the Fullerton School District and an Apple Distinguished Educator. His website is http://podpiperproductions.com/. He has been called the PodPiper because of his lectures in the use of the iPod in education.

“The Macintosh iLife ’09 in the Classroom” begins with Ted Lai’s thoughts about integrating technology in the classroom. He talks about using iLife to engage students in learning activities that do more than enhance learning, they transform it. He writes in language that teachers understand, telling them to begin with the end in mind and think about what they really want the students to learn. He advises teachers to start small and describes mini lessons that are easy ways for teachers to design digital projects and learn iLife applications.

iLife’s integration and careful design makes it easy. The teacher should know what the menus do, and not be afraid when a student asks a technology question that the teacher cannot answer. The teacher can empower the students, saying “I am sure you or another student can figure it out and show us how to do it.” Create success through publishing.

Ted Lai covers the software and hardware tools that can help you transform the learning process. He describes how to develop full lesson plans, create the project, refine the project, and publish it. He does all that in just 30 pages.

Next, the book contains a full complete copy of “The Macintosh iLife ’09” by Jim Heid.

Then, Ted Lai completes his book providing 13 Mini-Lessons he calls Appetizers, and 5 Full Lessons called Entrees.

The Appetizers include descriptions, steps, and extras for creating engaging projects. One of the 13 Appetizers uses Text Edit or Pages, the built in iSight camera and Photo Booth, iPhoto, and a Color Printer for a project called The Monster in Me.

The Entrees are full lesson plans such as those teachers are familiar with but with iLife technology difference. One of the 5 Entrees uses Macintosh computers, a video camera, props and costumes as appropriate, a tripod and optional microphones, and iMovie to create a new 30 to 60 second commercial to sell a product or idea. Ted Lai provides advice to limit the amount of time required to complete the projects.

PeachpitBanner250x60I believe every classroom should have Macintosh computers with iLife, iWork, and “The Macintosh iLife ’09 in the Classroom.” If you are interested in education or creating projects for your children, you might want to buy this book instead of “The Macintosh iLife ’09.”

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