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iCloud: Visual Quickstart Guide

pics1203iCloudiCloud: Visual QUICKSTART Guide
Author: Tom Negrino
Publisher: Peachpit Press
185 pages … $24.99
ISBN-13: 978-0-321-81410-4
Get up and running in no time!


iCloud:Visual Quickstart Guide contains clear illustrated step by step instructions for working with iCloud. I found no errors in the instructions. Everything I tried worked when I correctly followed the steps. (On page 10 there is a reference H in the text and the matching illustration is G, but I found no errors in any of the instructions I tried.)

iCloud:Visual Quickstart Guide begins with a good brief description of iCloud, it's requirements, and Apple ID considerations. Then there are the illustrated steps for setting up iCloud on iOS devices, on your Mac, your PC, and migrating from MobileMe. The next chapter gets you up and running with Mail, Notes, and Messages on your Mac and iOS devices. By the end of the chapter, only 46 pages, you will agree that you are up and running , and in no time.

You will have learned that, "One of the benefits of every iCloud account is a free @me.com address. All iCloud email accounts use the IMAP email protocol, so messages are saved on the server, and you can read, reply to, and mark your email as read from any device." I have a POP email account which does not work with iCloud, so I followed the iCloud:Visual Quickstart Guide instructions to set up an iCloud account. How to use the Mail program is outside the scope of this book, but it covers working with mail in the iCloud on the web which looks a lot like your Mac Mail.

iCloud Visual Quickstart Guide contains instructions for working with Mail, Contacts, and Calendars programs both with iCloud and in the iCloud program on the web. It also contains references to other alternative programs, for example on using iCloud with alternative calendar programs.

This is not a reading book. It is a doing book. You follow the instructions to experience them and to see the results. Most of the instructions are very easy to follow.

There were just a couple of instructions near the back of the book where it took me a long time to correctly follow a step. Tom Negrino wrote they might not be easy.

In Chapter 8 Synchronizing Browser Bookmarks Tom Negrino wrote, “If you are anything like me, you have a huge selection of bookmarks that you have created over the years, on different computers and different devices and the thought of having iCloud merge them all together on all your devices is a bit daunting. .… On an iOS device, it’s a complicated procedure, which I’ve detailed below on an iPad.” I new nothing about bookmarks and it took me several hours before I was able to do it right, but then it worked.

“Useful Bookmarklets for iOS,” described how to get one that makes it possible to paste symbols that are not available in iOS into iOS documents. It too took hours for me to get the steps right, but it works and I am happy to have it. This is just one example of things that I like that would not have expected to find in an iCloud book.

There are more chapters on using iPhoto and iTunes with iCloud which I will study after I get my own Ebook copy.

I obtained a review copy of iCloud; Visual Quickstart Guide for our Macintosh user group. This is my review. I liked iCloud; Visual Quickstart Guide so much that I am buying the Ebook version for myself.

PeachpitI would recommend iCloud:Visual Quickstart Guide to anyone who is interested in iCloud. The later parts of the book may not be suitable for some beginners. They cover things that are neat, but that are not necessary for beginners to know.

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