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iCloud: Visual QuickStart Guide, Second Edition

pics130228iCloudGuideiCloud: Visual QuickStart Guide, Second Edition
Author: Tom Negrin
Publisher: Peachpit Press
224 pages … book $24.99 discount $19.99
ebook $19.99 discount $15.99
ISBN 13: 978-0-321-88896-9

I reviewed the first edition of iCloud: Visual QuickStart Guide for our Macintosh User Group. You can read the review on our nvmug.com web site. I liked it so much that I used my user group discount to buy iCloud: Visual QuickStart Guide, Second Edition. I am glad I did.

Tom Negrino did not include the list of changes usually found in updates. It would just have been a distraction. This is a new book with almost all new illustrations and with improved content which adds more than the changes in the programs, even though it does have some of the old wording. Of course there are many new features that are covered like the new Storing and Working with Documents on iCloud

After beginning with getting started, iCloud: Visual QuickStart Guide, Second Edition, is organized by your different uses Mail, Notes, iMessages, Contacts, Calendars. Reminders, iPhoto, iTunes, Backing up, Browsing Bookmarks, Documents in the Cloud, and Finding People and Devices.

Within these uses, iCloud: Visual QuickStart Guide, Second Edition, provides instructions separately for the different devices: the iOS devices, the Mac, the PC, and the web iCloud.

By dividing the information into these chunks, Tom Negrino has made it very easy to find information about what you want to do, and made it much easier to understand iCloud, what it does, and how to use it.

iCloud: Visual Quickstart Guide, Second Edition provides information you need for using Mail on your iOS devices, and all the details for mail on the iCloud website which which works "a good bit like" Mail on the Mac. Using Mail on your Mac is outside of the scope of this book about iCloud.”

Elsewhere Tom Negrino saves repetition by saying, "To work with Notes on the iCloud website you work with them in the same way as on the Mac."”

Tom Negrino lists some applications you might like if you outgrow some of the simpler applications that came with your devices. He even provides instructions for using Evernote which you may want to switch to if you Peachpitfind you need capability beyond what Notes provides.

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