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Freeway Express

This site was created with Freeway Express which was provided to us by Softpress


With Freeway software you can layout your Web site using graphics and text. The Freeway program converts it into standards based HTML code when you upload it to your Internet host.

The software comes in two versions, Freeway Express for $79 and Freeway Pro for $249. Softpress provided both versions for our user group. I tried using the Freeway Pro version first because I really like its advanced features and fully CSS based results, but I found that it wase easier for me to learn using Freeway Express. Then I decided to stay with Freeway Express for our NVMUG web site because I like the results and because it will be easier for someone else to continue this Web sites if necessary.

The program comes with a nicely printed 117 page Using Freeway 5 guide and a pdf version if you want to search for items on your computer. It als comes with a 468 page pdf Using Freeway 5 Reference for printing and the same reference formatted for viewing on your monitor. Free tutorials are available and more are being developed. You can subscibe to receive them through iTunes. There is an online Knowledge Base that I used to answer a question about posting the website to this .mac account.

Once you have an idea for you site in mind, you begin by creating a Master page the size and style you want . You add to it the elements that will be common in your pages such as you heading and links you will want to have on every page. You can have more than one master page.

You create individual pages based upon the Master page by adding text and graphics boxes..It is a good idea to assemble your graphics in a folder for importing, and you can either have your text written for importing or key it into Freeway.

I viewed some downloaded tutorials, then followed the three tutorials in the "Using Freeeway 5 Guide."

Guide. It took awhile to figure some of it out and a bit longer to get comfortable wiith it. It might not take as long for someone who is not 78 yaers old. But it is much faster than entering HTML code once you get comfortable with Freeway Express.

I showed my first five pages to another NVMUG member, Stephen Farber. That version was more like our older NVMUG web site with the navigation buttons running down the left side. Stephen suggested that if the text was wider or there were two columns people woud not have to scroll down so far.

Because of the Master pages, and because this is a very compliant Macintosh program where features just work, it took much less time than I expected to reconstruct the site in this format, and adding new information is a breezw.

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