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Fine Art Printing for Photographers

"FineArtPrintingforPhtotgraphersFine Art Printing for Photographers"
Exhibition Quality Prints with Inkjet Printers
Second Edition
Author: Jürgen Gulbins, Uwe Steinmüller
Publisher: Rocky Nook from O’Reilly Media, Inc.
298 pages ….. $44.95
ISBN: 9781933952314

Review by Barry Hayes, a  professional photographer, Photoshop instructor, and competitor in Photographic Art Print contests. In this book he learned things he did not know.

This is a good book. It contains more information than most people want. When it comes to color management, most people just want their pictures to look good. "Fine Art Printing for Photographers" is for the others who need truer colors.

To get truer colors photographers need to calibrate their monitor to a known standard. Then they use this profile and tell Photoshop the printer and specific paper profiles, Photoshop will print the matching color if you have identified the profiles. The needed instruction is in this book.

"Fine Art Printing for Photographers" gives a broad overview of the history of color management and it's developers. One interesting fact is that one of the pioneers in color management is Graham Nash, the musician, who is also an avid photographic collector and print maker. It was he, along with partner Tom Holbert who are largely responsible for the development of the Iris color inkjet printer printer which in it's day was the pinnacle of inkjet color technology and which led to todays printers and ink formulations as we know them. 

It tells the light source to use for viewing prints, etc. Fine Art Printing for Photographers has ton of information and is very interesting.

If you are serious about color printing, this is a good reference book.

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