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Elmedia Player (An application)

Elmedia Player & Elmedia Player Pro
by Eltima Software Company
Elmedia Player - free
Elmedia Player Pro - $20 minus user group discount

Elmedia Player is an Eltima Software program to play almost all video files from the Internet or your hard drive and create playlists. Elmedia Player Pro adds the ability to download video and movies, view them full size, take screen-shots of movie elements, and convert a movie into an image sequence.pics1105ElmediaPlayer 

Elmedia Player and Elmedia Player Pro are full featured programs like you might expect from a bigger company. My first impression was that, for me, a simpler program might be better, but now I believe it was just that I did not begin using it on a movie site such as YouTube.

Eltima Software is a good company and provides plenty of good professional instructions and documentation. An awful lot of information is available in their knowledge base at http://wiki.eltima.com 

One item in this knowledge base, “Elmedia Player for Mac OS X” took me to http://wiki.eltima.com/user-guides/elmedia-player.html with many pages of useful instructions.

I would recommend that new users begin using Elmedia Payer to look for movies in YouTube or other special movie sources. (You do not even have to use your browser.) Keep it simple, just look for and download what interests you. Explore other features like its library file organization only when you feel like exploring them or you need them.


Definitely follow their instructions to install “Open in Elmedia Player” in your browser.

1. Click "Integrate into Browser" option in Main menu of Elmedia Player.
2. An .html file with instructions will be opened by your default browser.
3. Read carefully the instructions and drag the link to your browser's bookmarks bar.
4. Now, whenever you surf the Internet and see a Flash movie you want to save to your local machine simply click Open in Elmedia Player.


Then when you are using your browser and want to see if a site has a movie you might want to download, klick on Open in Elmedia Player and Elmedia Player will be launched and you can start saving the movie.


I liked watching and listening to the movies I downloaded. I believe it would be very interesting to use Elmedia Player or Elmedia Player Pro to explore different web sites and search for movies that fit your interests or needs. 

To learn more, download Elmedia Player, or upgrade to Elmedia Player Pro click here.

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