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Special Report on Fixing One Kernel Panic

Jane Fuller provided this report based on what was done on her computer to correct a problem with a kernel panic on her computer. While her report is accurate for her case, not all kernel panics can be addressed in this manner. Websites at https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT200553and https://macpaw.com/how-to/fix-kernel-panic-on-macos are good study on kernel panics, caused by software and hardware. Remember Jane’s fix worked for her, but may not if your issue is not the same. Also, her backup was a Time Machine backup.


From Jane:

FIX for a MacBook Pro (or other mac?) showing the "kernel panic" screen

--which does not restart in response to the first suggestion which is,

Press the Power button while holding down the Shift key.

1 .Plug the device containing the backup data, in this case a Seagate, into the MacBook Pro.

2. Connect the laptop's power adapter to a working electrical outlet and to the MacBook Pro.

3. Press the Power button starting up laptop while pressing Command key + Option key + "P" + "R".

4. Wait for second chime, then

5. Press Power button starting laptop, then press Command + "R".

6. A screen with a dialogue box with a number of options will appear.  Select "English" for language

7. Select "restore from Time Machine backup"-- i.e. the Seagate which is connected.

8. Follow instructions...i.e., press "Continue".

This done (1/20/18) the FIX completed in a little over an hour.

The MacBook Pro "started", showing a Sierra screen with a dialogue box for the user's login and password.

The login and passwords which I keyed in were, initially, "shaken off" as incorrect.

I was surprised so I entered a few near alternatives; still, I was pretty sure and after checking...in any case...

best to know the laptop's login and password.

The clock and date were behind: their updating required that the login and password be correct/recognized. 

In 10 minutes or so/less the clock time had updated, indicating (?) that the login and password had been belatedly recognized.


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photo by Gordon Alexander of Jane and Daniel


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