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NVMUG September 15, 2018 Meeting Report

Northern Vermont Macintosh Users Group

Minutes of the September 15, 2018 NVMUG Meeting

Those attending the meeting were:

Bruce Shields, Warren Walker, Bill German, Kathy Fisk, Midge Lubot, Joan Hickey, Neil Raphel, and Geof Gonter

The meeting started off with a quick discussion about Mojave and who can update and who can’t. Some members are quick adopters of new operating systems, while most wait for a time to make sure there are not issues or bugs. Some questioned whether some applications they use will run under 10.14.x (Mojave). We also talked about how Mojave will be the last Mac operating system to support 32 bit applications. If you are running 32 bit applications, you will be getting at least one warning, the first time you open such an application, that is is not optimized for the Mac. You can ignore it for now.

Kathy had issues with opening Word documents after her data and applications were transferred to an updated SSD. It was asking for her to place in a serial number. She is running Office 2004 and did not have the purchase information. It was mentioned that Pages will open Word files and export documents in Word format. The usual open source applications that will save or export to the Word format were mentioned, OpenOffice and LibreOffice. They are both free to use. A third application named NeoOffice is available for a fee of $30.

Neil asked about upgrading some iMacs in his business. The pluses of replacing spinning hard drives with SSD (Solid State Drives) was discussed. They are faster and offer, along with RAM updates, a better computing experience. It was mentioned that the storage space can be increased and the operation speed by the use of a Doubler, for those computers equipped with optical drives. The SSD can be placed in the optical drive bay and the operating system and applications placed on the it and the spinning hard drive used for storage.

We touched briefly on Chrome and some of negatives of it’s unfettered use. It is widely used and people should understand the issues of using it. Brave, an other browser, offers additional security and like Chrome, updates Flash, if you elect to use it. I suggest you give it a try.

We ended the discussion talking about places to get your computer repaired after the warranty runs out. Even though it may not seem like it, there are fair number of possibilities.

1. Number one is Apple. Yes, Apple. They will not repair your computer, if it falls under their cut off guidelines. However, it will be expensive. Apple will also repair anything they find wrong with your computer. https://support.apple.com/repair

2. Small Dog Electronics in Waitsfield and South Burlington - But as an Apple Authorized they too have a cutoff as to the computers they can service. - http://www.smalldog.com

3. Mission Repair - A mail in company in Kansas (Yes Toto, they repair computers in Kansas!). You can ship them the computer in a box (They will provide a prepaid label, if you ask). They will evaluate your computer and inform you of what it may cost to do the repair. They do component repair so it may will very reasonable. https://www.missionrepair.com/Default.asp

4. System Plus Computers - A business in Lebanon that does computer sales and repair. https://www.systemsplus.com

5. The Mac Doctor in Bristol - A Apple Certified Support Professional, he has been in business for about 28 years. https://themacdoctor.com

6. North Country Tech Services - In Littleton. They advertise they work on Apple products. https://www.northcountrytechservices.com

7. The Mac Nurse - in Hardwick, I have talked with several people very happy with the work that was performed. https://www.vtmacnurse.com

8. The Computer Computer - In Concord, NH https://www.computercommuter.com

9. North Point Experts - In Concord, NH http://northpointexperts.com/index.html

10. iGuys Tech Shop - in Conway, NH http://iguystechshop.com/index.html

I have had experience with the first four and none of the shops mentioned are my recommendations, other than Apple and Mission Repair. There are others around that provide Macintosh support and repair, so if you know of one not mentioned and would like to relay any experiences, let us know.

I have included the following link provided by Stephen Farber, which includes some Mac related software, tips, and information : https://eclecticlight.co/downloads/

The next meeting will be on October 20, 2018 in the Northeast Regional Hospital in room 224, starting at 10:00 am. There will be a short presentation, “macOS X Mojave, A First Look”.

On Facebook? Visit us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/477957755742285/.

Geof Gonter


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