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NVMUG February 2021 Meeting Report

Northern Vermont Macintosh Users Group

Attending: Bruce Shields, Stephen Farber, Neil Raphel, Jane Fuller, and Geof Gonter

March 20, 2021

Meeting Minutes for the Northern Vermont Macintosh User Group

Held via Zoom online

Bruce is still having issues with kernel panics. He has yet to install the MVME SSD drive, he bought from Other World Computing. He said he was going to attempt it before the next meeting and possibly install Big Sur, after a transfer of his current drive to the new drive.

Stephen is having Big Sur issues with an extra video monitor, email, Time Machine, and upgrading Zoom. He is running a new (to him) MacBook Pro. He downloaded Zoom while we were in the meeting. However, he had the occasional issues with his second monitor.

Those present experimented with Zoom special effects and getting backgrounds for the meeting. Jane had not experienced using any of the features of Zoom. She was walked through exporting a jpeg from Photos on her computer, to the desktop, and then importing it for use with Zoom. The way to use different backgrounds and special effects is in Preferences, in Zoom. You can import backgrounds using jpegs and importing them using the plus button. There are also images on the internet that you can download and use. Just do a search with the browser and search engine of your choice.

Neil had a question about an easy way to enable remote control to another computer. Applications like TeamViewer, Zoom, RemotePC, Chrome Remote Desktop, Messenger, and others were discussed. The biggest issue is that the other user would be required to download an additional application and send a code to Neil to be able to connect to the computer, in most cases. He is some distance and not able to visit for awhile. He messaged after the meeting to say he is going to try to setup remote login, when he can. Many of the applications mentioned cost some money or are free for individual use. Appleā€™s Messenger is free, as well a Zoom. However, Zoom is limited to 40 minutes per session, if the originating host does not have a subscription..

Jane was having issues viewing a document from the internet, with Google or email through Google. She was walked through using Preview after it was determined she was attempting to open a .pdf file. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC can also be used. Open set Preview to use open .pdf files as the default application (http://digitalwriting101.net/content/how-to-make-preview-the-default-pdf-reader-on-a-mac/). Sometimes the document has to be downloaded to the computer first. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has never been installed on my computer and I open .pdf files all the time.

The next NVMUG meeting will be a Zoom meeting on April 17 at 10:00 am. We may know then about the possibility of meeting face to face, but it currently does not look good.

If you wish to attend, please send me an email by 9:30 am, on that date, so I can send send you an email invitation to the meeting. The meetings will continue to be online meetings instead of the meeting room at the Northeastern Regional Hospital in Saint Johnsbury, Vermont. Right now that looks like it will not be before May 1, 2021

On Facebook? Visit us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/477957755742285/.

Geof Gonter



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