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NVMUG July, August and September 2020 Meeting Reports

Northern Vermont Macintosh Users Group

As we have been dealing with the Pandemic and issues with getting the website active, I have combined the limited minutes from the 3 months of minutes I have in one newsletter.


Attending various meetings: Bruce Shields, Midge Lubot, Jane Fuller, Neil Raphel, Stephen Farber, Kelly Gonter, and Geof Gonter

July 18, 2020

Meeting Minutes for the Northern Vermont Macintosh User Group

Held via Zoom online

Jane had a question about a power issue with her MacBook Pro. Discussion about power adapters - Purchase the best ones you can (for a computer or idevice). The cheap ones have inferior components and can cause issues/damage or not last as long. I recommend Lite-On, Newer Technology, or an Apple branded unit. Just because they have the Apple logo doesn’t make the an apple product.

Malware - (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malware) Most malware is installed on the Mac when you install an application from a rogue source or a browser extension. Such items should only be installed from a reliable source, like the developer. Even then, be sure to read what is being offered before just clicking through.

Connection speed - Depends on the service, number of hops between source and the connection at your location. It also depends a lot on what the speed is of the server handling the source and the time of day, dependent on the connection speed of the source. For example, my service is 100+ mbps up, but only about 15 mbps up. If I was transferring a file to your computer, the fastest download you could get would be about 15 mbps.

Questions about Catalina - What are the advantages and the computers that are cable of running it? List of advantages and system requirements at https://www.macworld.com/article/3404520/macos-catalina-everything-you-need-to-know.html.


September 19, 2020

Meeting Minutes for the Northern Vermont Macintosh User Group

Held via Zoom online

1. Discussion of expansion of the lines for internet connections - Jane

a. The discussion was on the expansion of high speed lines in the NEK.

b. The government offer is not always accepted by the carriers

c. Some residences are still too remote to take advantage of the federal offer

2. School availability of devices

a. Mix of tablets and laptops for most students

b. Some schools are struggling with the management of offsite devices

c. Some schools are offering full remote possibilities. Others ae using a hybrid model that is a moo of online and in-person instruction

d. Training for some teachers for remote learning requires advanced training sessions

3. Photos on Bruce’s new Catalina install - SD card reader in his iMac

a. Catalina would not recognize his camera, as the Canon software he used did not run under Catalina and he said a new version is not available

b. He was walked through pulling the SD card from the camera and placing it in the SD slot in his iMac

c. Then he can use Image Capture or Photos to import the images to his computer.

d. He can also use Preview or Photos to view and make minor changes to the image

5. Cleaning apps -

a. Spring Cleaning was an old application that was used with Classic and it is missed

b. AppCleaner and App Cleaner are two possibilities. They both remove application associated files from the library, startup items, and other locations that application files are placed. There are free and paid versions of both. The unpaid versions will not include all the features

c. AppTrap is a preference pane that asks if you want to remove associated files when you drag an application to the trash. Be careful with this one as it asks when you install over an application, such as a browser, and could remove files you need to run the application you just installed over.

6. Scott Pelok - dropped in, for a short video visit, prior to departing the area

a. Scott was instrumental in the resurgence of NVMUG in 1995 and was active before moving to Michigan and then moving back to Vermont.

b. He and Geri are in the process of moving back to Michigan this month.

7. Jane having issues with video

a. Was popping in and out during the meeting.

b. Ended up being connected with audio only

c. May still be having battery issues


For those running Catalina, there was a significant update (Catalina Supplemental Update) on August 12 that corrected a memory leak that contributed to some kernel panics. It is highly recommended to to download and install it


September 19, 2020

Meeting Minutes for the Northern Vermont Macintosh User Group

Held via Zoom online

1. Bruce had issues with Safari and Apple Mail. He had recently updated to Catalina with a the installer, I’d sent to him on a USB flash drive. After conversing with Apple, he bundled up his iMac, keyboard, and mouse and went to a location were he could get a high speed connection and reinstalled the Catalina operating system. During the meeting he said he was able to get things to work, to that point. His satellite dish internet connection may have been a contributor to his issues.

2. We again had a discussion of how schools are handling the the instruction during the current conditions. As I have been gone for about a month from the schools, I could only relate to issues that have been discussed by word of mouth from educators that mentioned how things were going. Overall, I know some schools have had some issues and that connectivity problems at student’s residences still exist. Some school are utilizing teachers from their staff to handle remote learning, while others have advertised for new staff to work in those positions.

3. We got a little off topic discussing housing Issues, including egress in older residences, that may have been grandfathered in. Some who live in older rental units hd some concerns.

After a discussion with Midge, we decided there will be no October meeting, The next NVMUG meeting will be a Zoom meeting on November 21, at 10:00 am. There is a lot going on in the Apple World right now, new iPhones, iOS 14, Apple Silicon, macOS X Big Sur, and the switch to ARM processors from Intel. I’m not sure what will be announced at Apple presentation on October 13, but we will try to decipher the announcements and how they may affect your future with Apple devices.

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Geof Gonter



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