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The Digital Photography Book Volume 2

"The Digital Photography Book Volume 2"

Author: Scott Kelby Publisher: Peachpit Press
222 Pages …. $24.99
ISBN-13: 978-0-321-47404-9
The step-by-step secrets for how to make you photos look like the pros’!
First Edition December 2007
Picks up where the Best selling Digital Photography Book EVER left off.

This is a great show me how to do it book. It is a continuation of the photo-walk in volume one. If you do not already have the first book, you will probably want to get it, but it is not required before reading this one.


To take photos like a professional, you should have the equipment the professionals use. In this book Scott Kelby shows you what equipment he uses to get the different types of photos. He has a chapter on building a studio. But, you can apply much of what he shows you with your equipment to make your pictures look more professional.

For example:

When photographing people outside, put them in open shade, or shoot with the sun behind your subjects not behind you. And when shooting portraits, don’t leave to much headroom above the person.

I liked this book and came away with this conclusion: If the lighting is right, find a subject. If you have found a subject, fix the light.


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