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David Pogue’s Digital Photography The Missing Manual


dpdigitalphotoDavid Pogue’s Digital Photography The Missing Manual
Author: David Pogue
Publisher:Pogue Press/O”Reilly
294 Pages …. $24.99
ISBN: 978-0-596-15403-5

The book that should have been in the box

The first half of David Pogue’s Digital Photography The Missing Manual is about getting the picture right. It covers digital cameras, and the features to look for that are important to photographers with enough information so that you can decide what camera is best for you. Then it goes on to describe the shoot, how to take different kinds of pictures you can be proud of under different conditions.

David Pogue briefly and clearly gives you the essential information you need with his famous sense of humor.  As an example in describing how to take a self portrait he writes, “...to help frame the shot while you’re not actually on the stool, use a table lamp as a stand in.” And, a little later, “Check your hair and clothes, press the shutter button to trigger the self timer countdown and then sit on the stool (preferably after removing the table lamp).”

A few errors that are rather obvious somehow remain after the editing, but I considered them more humorous than harmful. For example, in describing shooting with sweat light he writes, “The hour before sunrise and the hour after sunset are known as the magic hours or the golden hours.” He follows this with “The 20 minutes before the sunrise and after the sunset can be pretty amazing to.” 

The second half of the book starts with cataloging and saving you pictures and processing to improve them in iPhoto or in Picasa, a comparable free Google application. These applications are similar so that most of the time he is able to describe how to do an edit in both together. The information is excellent and the instructions are clear. 

OReillyBanner120x240This is followed by how to print and other ways of using your results to please you audiences. I knew about the standard picture sizes, but I did not know that the 4 by 3 digital size is also the book and TV size. This part even covers using your pictures with Snapfish, Shutterfly, and legitimate US postage stamps.

Additional chapters on using your photos are available for downloading from the Missing CD-ROM.

The Appendix contains sources for more information in Where to Go From Here,  and The Top Ten Tips of All Time

I believe that you will enjoy David Pogue’s Digital Photography The Missing Manual and that it will help you create pictures that you will show with pride.

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